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Mike C, I still can't get through to your picture. Joonbug is being a pain. Can anyone else see it?
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Can anyone else see it?
I tried to no avail. I eventually got to a set of pictures from some party, but it was hard to tell if any of them included Mike C, especially since there were several pages of pics.
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Me and my Gal, two days ago. -Tom
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heya, Sartorial Solutions... note the blazer that I bought from you off of e-bay. -Tom
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 Me, seriously contemplating a plate of noodles in Chinatown.
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Hey Thracozaag, this was in the Shanghai place in SOHO.  Didn't I take another picture of you at Honmura An? Not too bad for a Clie camera. If only I could find a decent picture of me....
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 My friend's idea of a joke...put this poster up all over Juilliard.
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The shirt you are wearing is incredible. Can you tell us more about it?
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It's an Attolini 70/30 Cotton/linen blend with a very nice medium spread collar that I picked up for 100 dollars at a Domenico Vacca sale several years ago. Unfortunately, I don't know of any stores that carry Attolini shirts anymore (Bergdorf seems to have replaced them with Truzzi, and Vacca with Finnamore.)
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Great shirt Mistahlee and Nice suit Thracozaag.
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Those shoes aren't Bally by any chance? I have a pair of Bally's in the same color. (I generally wear them with charcoal, but the lighter grey looks nice, too.) When I walk down the street, virtually everyone I pass is staring at my feet. I'm not sure that's a good thing.
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Thracozaag-Is that poster of a Dali thumb? Tom-That's an interesting suit. Mistahlee- I rather like those shoes. Who are they by?
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