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Koji, Nice coat. Is it Attolini?
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 Koji-1, Steinway 87
I remember you mentioned you have a Caraceni jacket / suit. Is that it?
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Tom, the bow ties look great--and they're never in the way during a manipulation.
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Yes indeedy, that is the Caraceni 100 bucks I've ever spent. koji
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The Matrix twins? koji
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Is that you and naturlaut?
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A fellow pianist (amazing) at Juilliard-Mei Ting Sun. koji
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It was just snapped in a tea house, kinda random setting. The sleeves aren't really too short, it may be the angle, when I wear them with dress shirts it shows about 0.5" of cuff.
Dude- that's no tea house. It's a Hello Kitty store. Indulging the g/f a bit?
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no actually it's a tea house, many of the LA ones are in kinda a mall area have various things attached to it like retail stores, but that backdrop was the only place with decent lighting.
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a few more pics... sorry the quality is not great on these pictures. Brioni SB navy with blue pinstripes, T&A shirt, Beene tie/pocket sq Oxxford SB charcoal blue shadowstripe, BR shirt, Versa 7 fold tie, Beene pocket sq
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drizzt3117, the Brioni sleeve still looks a bit short, you are showing too much cuff. Can you ask your tailor to extend it, or the buttonholes have already been made?
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It looks to me more like that white shirt has really loose cuffs. They are falling down onto his hands. Am I right? Too loose for my taste anyway.
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Yeah, the cuffs were a bit loose, I think I need to button them with all of the buttons, I don't think the sleeves are too short on that particular jacket, because with a normal shirt, it shows between 1/2" and 3/4" of cuff, while the Oxxford shows about 1/4" I understand the Saville Row standard is 3/4" so I figured it was OK.
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drizzt3117: Very nice Brioni suit. The sleeves look ok to me.
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There is me. The T-Shirt is Yoko Devereaux, the jeans Express (Italian line, limited edition. Fits like Helmut Lang / Dior Homme. Love them).
Funny face.
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