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don't know if this will work, but i'll try anyway
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So, I present myself: My name is Giona, I'm 35, I work as a Consultant in Milano, Italy; I love english style (and fabrics, shoes, etc.), american shoes (Alden), and Italian tailors. This is me with my first daughter: My last jacket: Next tuesday I'll bring this fabric to my tailor for my next winter jacket:
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Giona: Great shirt, who makes it. The jacket looks like a Valentino, but I bet it's something else. arvi: Very dapper.
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Thank you Mike. The shirt is bespoke, handmade in a two people workshop here in Milan. The Jacket is bespoke from Sartoria Vergallo, a tailor in Varese, near Milano.
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Everyone's looking great so far. I should really update my photo... I've since moved onto much better shoes.
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Hanging around the house playing pool after drinks
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[edited to fix address - j.]
l have been thinking about your suit all day today, l love it. Well done, one of the best suits l have ever seen.
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Sometimes I feel like a bite of something.
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Sometimes I feel like a bite of something.
KORE-DESU..... koji
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Hi Fellas .. This is me.  I am wearing Armani shirt and Canali suit.  This is how I wear my suits ..
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Here are myself and and buddy of mine in Vegas recently.  I'm the one on the right.  I'm wearing a Ravazzolo suit and roccobarocco Shirt and my friend is wearing Hugo Boss.
My right or your right? (short or tall?)
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I'll post this here too since it may go unnoticed in the other thread.
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That's a sharp looking jacket - is that one of your Brionis? I like pinstripe suits with a less seldom-seen color stripe. I sold this stunning Canali suit on ebay a few months back - black, with a gorgeous violet pinstripe. It looked amazing.
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yeah, it's a Brioni blazer, not sure when it was made though.
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The sleeves look a little short. And where in the hell was that picture taken anyway?
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