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Fo' shizzles. It looks a lot better than Flusser's mug shot in the jacket of Dressing the Man.
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Flusser's hair looks pretty bad in both Style and the Man and Dressing the Man.
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(Mike C. @ 13 Aug. 2004, 2:01) Ha, you look exactly like CTGuy.
Well, when I finally get a picture on here, you will be able to say I look exactly like CTGuy and Brian, because I'm pretty close. We could probably all be brothers or something. Mike, where's your picture, anyway? Brian, what Express jeans are they? I never tried on any when I went there because they feel thin and cheap for some reason, but if people find them to fit/wear okay, I'll try some out. Still looking for a cheap pair of thin, lighter jeans for hot days.
I hate most all express jeans except for the ones in the photo. I think they were only sold during Fall '03. They're called "Ragazzi" and are made in Italy, have some neat emroidery on the waistline, and are proving to be excellent durability. I think I paid $120 for them, and ti be honest I think that was a great deal. I REALLY love those jeans. They have a better seat profile than my Diesels and PDCs and that's saying a lot.
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Thanks, JFK. Yah, ties are like that; favorites come and go. Someday I'll buy a Brioni tie... I disclaimed mine merely because I have no idea whose it is. It has no label at all, and it must be 50 yrs old or so, as I saved it when my Grandfather was moving and tossing stuff. A nice tie all the same. Funny how we acquire things. Styleman: Thanks to you too -- btw, no longer have those glasses. Regards, Huntsman
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New members. Please update if you feel comfortable. Its nice to add a face to a screen name. cheers matt
post #156 of 1879 Hometown: Wilmington, DE Age: 40 Most of the clothes in my closet are Ralph Lauren, Alan Flusser 2nd most popular label. Since most size 40R fit very well, haven't seen the need to go the bespoke route (yet). Most of my recent purchases have come from Ebay. Closet (currently) consists of 42 suits, 51 sport coats, way too many ties (many 7 fold) and pocket squares - gotta be several hundred of each, and over 2,000 pairs of antique double-sided and snap type cufflinks. My wife and I learned early on that having seperate closets is much cheaper than marital therapy.
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This is way late- missed the original post cuz I was moving. Thanks for the compliments on the picture. The goatee has been gone for a while now... Suit: Belvest Shirt: Zegna Tie and Square: Robert Talbott It's a publicity photo for my book tour. I used the old photo for the back of the book.
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Well guys, this is the culprit continuing the Grenson you have a face to go with the voice, well ort of...i am about 25 pounds lighter now than i was then
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At the behest of THE FOXX, here is a shot of me in my Oxxford gray DB suit w/vest.  (First attempt at posting a pic) [edited to fix address - j.]
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And I did something wrong.
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And I did something wrong.    
Working now for me. That is a gorgeous suit. And the fact that it's a candid picture just helps that. Many members here have posted 'posed' photos, where they can adjust every little detail before taking the picture. But with yours, its very natural, and just looks excellent because everything is in order.
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I love that suit. Very Benny Goodman-esque. I'm not sure how the image tags got tangled up but I fixed them, btw.
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Great suit, tie, tie knot, and shirt...
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you really are a clarinet player. that's a good-looking outfit - LOVE that tie knot and the super-spread shirt collar.
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