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I am not a regular poster but definitely a regular lurker. Hope this works...
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Ranj It has been a long day but I am determined to get this right...
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I keep getting an error message about my link, any idea why? Bradford
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What is the message?
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Allan Flusser's Latest Creation: My Webpage
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Here's me & the wife at my little girl'sBirthday Party And here's one with my favorite former labor leader-turned politician
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Well the sun's in my eyes but it's the best picture I have right now:
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A. Harris:  I was showing my little girl the forum today and she saw your photo and said: "Ay que lindo"  which means she thinks you look nice in that suit.  Thought you'd get a kick out of that  
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I did (get a kick out of it.) Tell her thank you for me
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OK -  I can't get the picture to post, but if you click on the link you will see me at home, wearing my favorite summer shirt by Ben Sherman - I Hope. Bradford Bradford
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sweater by Banana Republic, dyed a light moss green by my tailor. I'm not quite sure how he did it. glasses by Calvin Klein
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I really like this topic, and think it should be HOF. Any objections let me know...
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This is me in Wien, trying to do some kind of tough-guy pose with my mouth. Obviously, I'd put away one Gosser too many...
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I've enjoyed this topic greatly. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera or ability to post a pic. Nick M--tell us about the shirt you are wearing.
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