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HOF: Member pictures

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I was thinking that it seems highly appropriate for a website of fans of men's fashions to have readily available pictures of its members. We seem to be a diverse bunch -- it would be nice to see each other beyond a name and/or a handle. Why don't we start a thread here where members who want to reveal themselves can post a picture or two and let other members see what they are all about? Any takers?
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Here's me, as of 2 minutes ago, once I figured out how the self-timer on my digital camera worked. That's my 'I hope this works' face... Excuse the hair, I just stepped out of the shower. And now... everyone else's turn...
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Kinda small, but here's one thats presentable
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Here I am,trying to look menacing. Think I nailed it? 
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Well - even if I think vero_group should have started with a picture of himself I'll go along and reveal the most handsome male of the group as I happen to be holding him in the picture, taken a few weeks ago. <Image removed - current image later in thread> B
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Re: BjornH's post: All together now - one, two, three, awwwww... Anyone else stepping up to the plate with a photo? Otherwise, we'll be forced to assume you're all fictional characters...  
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Bjorn, Yes, I thought about adding my picture to the first post, but then I thought, "what if no one else agrees to put their pictures up and there's just this pathetic thread hanging out there for time immemorial with only my post and my picture and no responses?" That would be a sad state indeed. As it is, y'all (that's Texan for "you all") have responded. So, here you go. <snip> </snip>
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Well, here is a picture of a buddy and I at the pool hall (he's a better player than me, and neither of us are very good.)  I'm the Asian guy with the glasses on the left.  BTW, that's a DSquared knit shirt I'm wearing, and I believe that he's flossin' some Luciano Barbera.  
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Here I am 9 vodkas deep (I'm the one in the middle).
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I have a picture, but do not know how to post it...Can someone e-mail or message me with instructions? You guys are all handsome dudes, and very well dressed I might add. (Big surprise there, eh?).
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Ja, please help me out, too. I'm something of a Luddite (I still prefer writing speeches on legal pads to MS Word). Anyway, I've got some pics in Microsoft Photo Editor, and I can't seem to cut and paste to this forum. Obviously, there's no URL for the pics, so I'm not sure if I can do it. Thanks.
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ahhh, what the heck:
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For those requiring technical assistance: Without the benefit of someone else's server, the easiest way to post photos is to register a free account at somewhere like PhotoIsland. All the tools you need are on the left side of your screen. Create a new album - mine's called 'forum pics' - and upload your picture into it with 'Upload Photos'. Once it's there, click the picture, and you'll have an option at the bottom-left to 'link for Auction, etc.'. Click it, and you'll receive a URL which works with the 'Image' button we have access to while posting.
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Well, guys, with A Harris' expert assistance, here goes...Quite apropos that the picture was taken in a store. Bonus points if anyone can guess which one.
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