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Recommend tailors, mtm, & bespoke in DC?

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I'm heading to DC in two weeks to see some friends, and I want to see what suggestions you guys have as to who is reputable when it comes to tailoring, MTM, and Bespoke. 


I'm loving this forum.

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Field English Custom Tailors.
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Field English Custom Tailors.


Bespoke starts at $2500 IIRC with William Field. His work is excellent.


WMFox & Co. will hook you up with MTM Samuelsohn for much less than that. $1500 should get you a great suit, though more expensive fabrics mean a more expensive total.


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$2500 would probably get you a jacket from Mr. Field. I'd anticipate a suit being more in the range of $3500. There are more cost-effective options, but if you want the best tailor in DC, there he is. Far superior to the more famous guys that do suits for politicians.
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You are right. My quote was for a SC and not a suit.

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Appreciate the advice so far. If you have other guys to recommend, I'm all for it...

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Not trying to sound cryptic, elitist, or anything else of that sort but that's really all you need. I think both unbelragazzo (and correct me if I am wrong) are trying to give you the best information possible, and avoid giving you anything superfluous.


You can check out Nieman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, etc etc etc but again, you can do that anywhere.


If you want the best tailor in DC, go to William Field. He is not cheap, but brilliant. Keep in mind if you are having something bespoke made, you're gonna have to return relatively shortly for fittings.


If you want the best bang for your buck, I say get MTM Samuelsohn made at WM Fox


If you want to shop for shoes go to Sky Valet, or some beautiful leather accessories go to Sterling Burke


We can offer other suggestions if we know more about what you are looking for: what are you looking to purchase? how much do you want to spend? Are you looking for one great suit or a few items? etc etc etc.

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Is English American still a reasonable option for MTM?  I've heard the guy preferred by several on this forum, Elio, might no longer work there.  Are there any other decent MTM shops that will do a full suit for <1500?

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