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Visconi, Giardi, Formosa and Ambrosi in KOREA

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Dear members!

I have really curious question.

In Korea, one classic suit shop promoted "Napoli bespoke service".
As far as I know, they sold "Bespoke Serive" and they earned big money.
And they said that "Sartoria Visconi, Sartoria Gardi, Sartoria Formosa" are legend of Napoli.
Also said that they are best Nopolitan tailor.
However, I haven't heard of them. And I cannot find their information on web.

Is it true that they are legend of Napoli? If yes, why I can't find their product on "Tie your Tie" and other luxury shop?

I think all of them are only famous in Korea.
Am I right? In Italy of Europe, are they legend of Napoli talior?

Also classic suit shop promoted "Salvatore Ambrosi".
They said that Ambrosi is "future of Napoli". Ambrosi have been made product for 4 generations.
However, When I visited in Italy, I couldn't see his products in classic shop.
Only Style Forum has information of Ambrosi.
And I heard that Ambrosi has many problems of customer satisfaction.

I want to know, Please answer me!!!!
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Maybe u should try? Always seems to be best way...
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A few things. First is that Tie your Tie is actually a very small shop, if you've ever visited it, you'd see that it is really only 2 fair small rooms. They can only stock a limited number of brands and items. Also, luxury shops like "Tie your tie" only stock RTW items and items that they can commission from makers. Many tailoring houses just do not do this, or if they do, they do not publicize the fact.

In Asia, in particular, and perhaps for cultural reasons, I find that people put a lot of trust in select, highly publicized stores. I think that this is a weakness that takes away from your ability to discern a great (or merely good) piece of clothing, from a mediocre one.

I don't think that Tie your Tie is particularly interested in PR, but had the good luck of Simone, the owner, being a favorite subject of The Sartorialist. He is a gracious man - I've met him in his shop, and also ran into him at a cafe down from the shop, and had an espresso with him, but I doubt that he would consider himself the final arbiter of good style. For example, he carries trickers in his store - wonderful makes, really. But, there are dozens of Northampton shoemakers that are as good, some of them very well known, some, virtually unknown.
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Originally Posted by projectaden View Post

Dear members!
I have really curious question.
I want to know, Please answer me!!!!

It's impossible not to like everything about this post.
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I believe what this man is referencing is the newly-opened Villa Del Corea ( )

Many of the famous Neapolitan names like the aforementioned Visconi, Formosa, and Seminara are using this is as an outpost to build up their business and service their clients in Korea.

Appointments are by invitation only and God only knows the prices they're charging, but I'm sure it's astronomical, especially compared to what a local would pay for the same thing in Naples. On a related note, I'm sure it's the same reason why Ambrosi's service has suffered as of late - he has much bigger fish to fry (and many more dollars to chase) in building up his clientele in Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Projectaden - you will not find information here about those tailors and you wouldn't find their garments in a "classic shop" as they make bespoke suits, not ready-to-wear clothes. They would only to known to those in select circles in Italy. But from the pictures I've seen, their garments are spectacular. If you can afford the prices, you should try them out.
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To insiders: Do Giardi or Formosa still take new customers in Napoli? Or are they fully concentrating on the eastern markets?
And can someone elaborate on their price points? Ambrosi's prices are known to most of us, but I couldn't find anything about those two sartorias. As I plan to visit Napoli for my first bespoke suit this September, I'm in the process of gathering as much intel as I can get.
Many thanks
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