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vest measurements for custom or mtm garments.
in addition to the chest and waist these four measures should be taken.
all length measures start at point a. this is the prominent bone at the top of the spine .
lets say you want a vest that comes down 2 inches below your belt.
a to b the back length. is 2" below the bottom of the belt,
a thru c to d. d is the same distance below the belt as b.
a thru c to e is the top button. you can select the size of the opening and the amount of tie showing
by raising or lowering the top button.
a thru c to f is the bottom button. its just below the bottom of the belt buckle to keep it covered.
the points are a matter of style. that is any length you wish.
points f d and b depend strongly on the customer wearing his trouser belt at the proper hight.
this information is what you should furnish when you are ordering a M2M garment via the net.