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White Oak Denim, Greensboro

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The Cone Mills White Oak denim factory sits out past the college football stadium and baseball diamonds on the nether edge of downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. 


This is a really interesting article about the past and present of this fabled denim from the literary magazine n+1.


Any SF members have an opinion on this denim or the socio-economic factors that brought about it's situation?

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I recently came across this.. Thought it was interesting.



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Can't say I'm really into the design of those Canterbury's and weird fit/design can make the gorgeous fabric feel wasted. 


I'm hoping to get some black Baldwins soon.

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Lord knows I've dealt with my share of crappy fits just to get my hands on some really exclusive/rare quality denims  cool.gif


As far as those Newman's go I think they're based off the 501s, only slimmer in the seat and thigh.

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Nothing exclusive or rare about the denim of those jeans linked, but it's rare to come across jeans that look that exclusively horrible.
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I dunno, those mauro jeans you endorsed a few years back take the cake for what is a horrible fit and finish..


I believe those were also made of ''rare'' White Oak denim which was quite frankly their ONLY selling point.

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And you feel burned because you bought three pairs? Lulz.

Wonder how a dude who comes up with a user name after a brand could ever buy into hype.
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I paid $65 or $75 for them New condition. I basically put them away in my huge stack of "exclusive/rare" jeans I will never wear. Maybe they'll be worth something one day. Even with the holes and piss poor construction.


I never gave into the hype, mostly because you were the only one hyping them and I don't think anyone here/sufu really listens to what you say.



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Here's an interview with the guy who oversees the shuttle looms at Cone, plus factory photos etc.
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