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Heavyweight denim

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What are the pros of heavyweight denim (say, 20oz and above for the sake of discussion). Are they more durable than the 10oz - 15oz? Do they look better? Do they fade better? Or is it mostly a feel & coolness issue (authenticity, bragging rights, etc)?


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I have a 21oz Efes Sky (not produced anymore, but same denim as in IronHeart I've been told). It feels great, is very warm and soft, lasts longer than APC denim (only I can compare it to) and fades well.
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Good for the winter/ as hell in the summer
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Theyre a bit harder to break in than lighter weight denim.
but usually heavier denim fades a bit nicer, you get more of a 3D effect aha
and please correct me if im wrong. We all make mistakes lol
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My IronHeart's are my favorite pair of denim and feel near indestructible. They don't stretch as much as lightweight, at least the ironhearts, maybe a quarter inch in the waist. Mista is right about the fades...takes awhile, but looks fantastic when they materialize. and they're great if you live in a cool climate city and spend a lot of time walking, commuting, etc. I don't wear them in the spring/summer though....too damn hot.
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