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Originally Posted by DavidML View Post

I'm self-employed, so the issue has less to do with my superiors and more to do with my own neuroses.

You've just found yourself in a situation where someone is requiring of you to wear a black suit at his wedding. Sooner or later some one else is going to get married and you may need to wear a black suit yet again. If not, then some one is going to die and you'll need to show up at a funeral where everyone is wearing black, crying and eyeaballing those who aren't showing proper respect and compassion for the deceased and their loved ones...god forbid you show in inappropriate dress driving the widow and family members into hysterics......"after all we've done for him, and he can't even come to so and so's funeral wearing a black suit! Everyone else wore black, but not him....he was always all about himself, so self absorbed...I always did find him hard to tolerate, so insenstve and constantly putting on airs!....blah, blah blah!"

It sounds to me like you're in need of a black suit. You are most likely going to need to wear one again. Now go buy a damn black suit.
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In all seriousness (well, some amount of seriousness), I'm a musician and I've always wanted to start a band where everyone wears a uniform of some sort, because that is just cool. The black suit thing is a classic move - the aforementioned Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem, the Blues Brothers, the whole 2 Tone English ska phase of the late 70's...

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What about a suit in oxford gray? It's a very dark shade of gray that, to many an observer, looks black. If you can get away with it, you'll have a suit in your arsenal that is much more versatile.
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If you're going to buy a black suit at all, it's worth getting a good one -- or at least a goodish one -- one that looks great on your form, etc. There's nothing at all wrong with black suits in the evening and I think you'll get more wear out of it than you think you will. In a dark restaurant or bar they look quite elegant. It's wearing them in daylight that's the problem. Black is the most formal of colors, it's also hard to wear it well, but if you can do it -- with a crisp white shirt, say, it can look fantastic.

It's also nice to have a dedicated suit for the evening, in the way your wife or girlfriend has a little black dress. You don't want to be that guy showing up for a swank event in the evening looking like you just rolled in from you day job. At least I don't.
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Get a good one. Perfect for a nice evening out on town with your gal.
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hey oxford gray ain't so bad, but if you're not comfortable with a black suit, try a dark blue or navy suit.

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1. Buy a black suit with peak lapels so you can wear the jacket as part of a stroller ensemble, when paired with the proper trousers, after the wedding. Single or double breasted are equally appropriate when wearing a stroller or lounge suit, so get what looks best on you. While you are at it, ask the groom if you can wear a stroller instead of the black lounge suit as it is the more proper attire for a day wedding. Maybe he will want everyone in a stroller instead, after he gets some advice from you.


2. Do not ever buy a cheap suit in the color of black. Cheap materials look particularly nasty when they are dyed black or navy.

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