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I pulled my own credit score from experian and transunion. Does anyone know why the scores that I see are so much higher (30+ points) than the ones that all the loan officers I've been talking to for a pre-approval see?
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Didn't feel like creating a renting thread, so thought I'd ask here. My landlord is renovating the kitchen in my apartment over the next few weeks and is offering a $15 credit for every day the contractor is working here. Is that enough? Just curious. Though I'm not renewing my lease, I would appreciate the nicer digs. However, having a bunch of tools and supplies crammed in the apartment as the work goes on is gonna be annoying.
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Maybe. Not familiar with what happens in that type of situation, but I'd assume you should get a rent reduction equivalent to how much space you're losing. For instance, if the kitchen accounts for 1/3 of the total sq ft of your place, you should get at least 1/3 off your rent. Not to mention losing the functionality of a kitchen.

If the unit needs the renovations to maintain its future rentability, then by renovating the space while you're paying rent is really just a cheaper way for your landlord to get the work done. They don't need to spend time renovating the unit while its empty and not generating income.
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sounds reasonable. Depends on whether its just the annoyance of the contractors or if it means an extended period where you can't cook.

if you prorate $15 a day over the month its more like $450. So if your rent is $1500 a month, its almost a third of your rent. Not a terrible deal for getting a new kitchen and only having to deal with a few days of contractors.

When is your lease up? if you are leaving at the end of the month, its kind of shitty, but if you have 6 months left, it might be nice to have the work done.
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Yeah, if you've had a good experience with the landlord so far, go for it. Just make sure any and all of your concerns are addressed before they start work.
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So, in the past year my dishwasher breaks, my dryer breaks, my microwave breaks, my AC/Heat breaks, and now my Blu Ray player breaks. Fuck me in the ass. ffffuuuu.gif
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Ha. Err... I'll pass on the intercourse but our last three years have been similar:

Replaced due to fail: New water softener, washer and dryer, dishwasher, new AC, partial electrical rewire. then electrical work on the AC since two mice decided to act as capacitors in the motor.
Additional "necessary" work: new siding, brick work.

Due soon: roof, interior paint, stove, floors...

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Sucks, doesn't it?
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We are replacing our dishwasher. All our appliances (except fridge) were five years old when we moved in but never used as the house sat empty for its first five years. The GE Profile dishwasher sucked from day one. We're having a new LG installed Friday. Looks great, has some moveable racks inside, a steam cycle which apparently really works well on wine glasses, and it has a high number of reviews with vastly positive ratings.
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I've been wishing death on my appliances so that I can replace them with what i want.....and they refuse to fail. I wouldn't mind replacing all the cabinets at the same time as well so that I can fit in a worthwhile stove.
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I haven't posted here in a bit. Put down deposit for all new appliances, kitchen is demo'ed down to studs, floors are bare, electricians have been in for a week and will be there all this week. knob & tube and more recent shady electric work is being replaced with proper, professionally installed electric. Feels great.  Dug a trench to the garage to get that powered, too.  Purchasing lighting and plumbing fixtures for new powder room and kitchen. Plumbing, hardwood restoration, tile floor, sheetrock, paint, cabinets and countertop in the next couple months. We are not living in the house while this is going on, its very exciting but still a little overwhelming.

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I'm not thrilled with my entire kitchen, but it is my first condo and it is small. I feel that whomever moves in after me will be much like myself and just happy to own for the first time. I don't see much of a benefit for putting top of the line kitchen appliances in a "starter" home. I don't think I would re-coop much of those expenses. A better stove, and a range is on my list for my next place for sure.
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Fingers crossed but my kitchen has been pretty awesome for the last decade. I was ready to sell in 2008 then the market went to the center of the earth, but prices are slowly starting to rise again. Any luck I can move out of here and buy that houseboat/helicopter-home I've been eyeing.
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Put a bid on a house. 20k over asking, waive appraisal contingency, as-is addendum. Still didn't win... feels bad man frown.gif
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Put a bid on a house. 20k over asking, waive appraisal contingency, as-is addendum. Still didn't win... feels bad man frown.gif


Where do you live? That's crazy, must be an insane sellers market for that type of situation to exist.

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