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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Doorhandles....i agree. Anything I can reuse when I replace the door with something else. I'm thinking about switching from a knob to a leverset.

I have many plans for this basement.

Definitely replace em with normal door handles.

I cannot stand door-knobs. They look cheap they are bitch to operate if you carrying something and they look cheap. I have been in million-dollar apartments in NYC that had builder-standard door knobs. Why most people tolerate them is beyond me.
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Lol, tell us how you really feel...

Do any of you have experience with Emtek?
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If anybody's interested in getting the Feit BR40 LEDs I posted about earlier, Lowes sells them under a house brand for $30 each.


They have the Feit branded ones on eBay for a decent price. Costco is supposed to be the best place to get them, though I can't verify that without joining Costco and driving to Memphis (which is kind of out of the way...).
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Levers are nice for families with younger and older folks; they are easier to operate.

We put in a few oval knobs because I couldn't find a lever that worked in our place. I like the way they look but they annoy me because the locks are these tiny little buttons on the side of what I think you'd call the rose, and they're really easy to push by accident when you're closing the door.
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I like the idea of levers. My wife doesn't, but I think planting a seed and touching on it whenever she's trying to carry stuff through doors might fly in the long term.

That said -- does anybody have any experience with dogs figuring out how to work them? If our 50-lb reasonably-clever mutt learns how to open doors, that'd be a problem.
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How about this--I got a nice shiny (actually not shiny) leverset for the front door, and I notice it seems a little low. I mean, the original one seemed low, but this one is very low because of its shape. Turns out the holes for the door are for knobs and are a solid three inches below the recommended height of the leverset.

I think the door was supposed to be mounted facing a porch that's three inches lower than mine is. The threshold isn't raised up on bricks like you often see. Stupid builders.

I _can_ put the handleset in the deadbolt's hole, drill a new hole for the new deadbolt, fill the old hole and repaint the door... but do I want to? I could get a new door, but hanging a heavy entry door is one of things I _think_ I could do but don't really want to attempt. And of course I don't want to pay someone to install it.
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Thing to know about doors with lever style doorknobs...a smart cat can figure out how to open doors. Trust me on this.
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I see my cat trying to open knobs and she's probably never even seen a lever-style handle...
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I keep hoping I can move into a place with original knobs that can clean up like this:

originally like this: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

but every place seems to have ditched the paint crusted 100 year old hardware for the $10 home depot special which has then become similarly paint-crusted (but cleaning one of them is not very satisfying).
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It's a real mystery to me why door knob makers make so many different faux-aged finishes, yet none of them actually look like the patina of an a brass door knob.

I guess it's because aged brass has a sickly green tint to it. Whatever. I actually like it. But it looks wrong next to the fancy oil-rubbed bronze finish applied to the new hardware -- which is, as SG pointed out, just plated pot metal with synthetic finish. Whatever. The old handle was solid brass, but its guts didn't really hold up despite being all metal. And the inside knob was lacquered and didn't match any others in the house. I guess if I wanted I could have had it repaired, but it just didn't look that great anyway.

It wouldn't surprise me, though, if the next big thing was unlacquered solid brass hardware. 'Course the hardware makers probably wouldn't like that because of the cost of copper.
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I would look at flea markets and craigslist around the country for used antique hardware and replace this Chinese crap one by one. But since most people move constantly form place to place why would they ever care about such a small detail as door knobs.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

It's a real mystery to me why door knob makers make so many different faux-aged finishes, yet none of them actually look like the patina of an a brass door knob.

For me its actually the feel of a solid door knob more than the look. Old ones have a different weight and solidity to it. Doors as well. For fucks sake they are made out of construction paper now.
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Originally Posted by otc View Post

I see my cat trying to open knobs and she's probably never even seen a lever-style handle...

So imagine what it's like with three cats and lever style...we keep certain rooms locked. Ah, cats, gotta love 'em.

One of the things that we really liked about this house when we saw it was the doors. They are all eight feet tall and solid alder. Not only is the finish beautiful it is very nice to have every door in the house be extremely solid and heavy. When we got the home inspection the inspector repeatedly mentioned the doors and how expensive they are. The original owners had built this house on spec to flip it and ended up having it repossessed after trying to sell it for five years and sitting empty. The inspector said he has seen numerous cases where the original owners of a house would strip things out like these extremely solid doors and sell them. Glad these folks went down with integrity as we love our solid alder doors.
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Idfnl, There are very well constructed doors out there, just not for $50 at Home Depot. You can buy insanely cheap these days, but there is still very high quality out there, it just requires a bit more searching.

Pio, those doors sound awesome.
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