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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post

I guess I got lucky. Condo fees $271 including all utilities icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

How is this even remotely related to the post you originally quoted?
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

Programmable thermostats. Occupancy sensor light switch for the kitchen, motion detectors for the outside lights. Timers on fans in the bathrooms, dimmer switches and remote fan speed controls. Do those count?

As far as, like, internet connected coffee makers? None for me so far.

Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

I'm similar to Turk, nothing beyond that.

Originally Posted by Numbernine View Post

I have a floor furnace

Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

If you like gadgets and enjoy them for their own sake, by all means, automate your home. Except for lights, unless you have some specific problem you're trying to solve, it's pretty useless IMO. I have connected t'stats, lights, cameras, door lock, etc. I didn't even pay for them, and I still think it's probably not worth the money. smile.gif

Yea i don't have much. outdoor motion sensing lights i have.

I thought about a nest but it really doesn't do enough to be worth the cost, maybe when i need to upgrade the thermostat i'll do it.

I am considering a keyless entry... august smart lock https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OHY14CS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=7TSCXNRDZBB1&coliid=I14HRFV173OPIF&psc=1
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Had some contractor folks out tonight to plan out the backyard. If they come in at the number I have available we'll start, if not, next year.
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Finally closed on the adjacent property to my camp and had a forester out to walk it with me. "Great deer, ruffed grouse, turkey and woodcock forest." Nice.


Came home to find a leak in my ceiling - never buy a newish PH in NYC - and that my wife's idiot cat knocked off a 2000-year-old Apsara tile from our mantle and smashed it on the hearth. This thing has survived the rise and fall of a few civilizations only to meet its demise at the paws of a chubby Abyssinian.





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Is the cat sleeping with the fishes?
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Waiting for my wife to fall asleep.



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Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post

How is this even remotely related to the post you originally quoted?

I was responding to his claim of ridiculous condo fees.
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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post

I was responding to his claim of ridiculous condo fees.


And your post before that was about how condos are better than home automation.

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We have a fossil awaiting the same fate now with Henry-boy cruising about the place and his parents (me) lazy on moving things.

Congrats on the adjacent lot.
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lefty, how does the newish part come into play?

(Condolences on your artifact)
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Condolences too.  Small-timers like me only ever bought (or made) charcoal rubbings of such tiles.

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Thanks. As my wife says, we need less shit. 


I caught wind that the adjacent property on both sides was coming up for sale, but before I could get to the owners they hired the same agent who sold us our first place and he reached out to me. He also fucked with me a little, saying, "you're not going to love the people calling about this property" so I made them on offer on the spot. Turns out what I thought was 6 acres on this side and 4 on that was actually 6 and 15, so now we have 25 acres. The 6 came with a cabin, electric and a large pond. We are seriously considering knocking down the cabin and just building an open-air pavilion. We already have two bunkies and I don't see the need for another cabin. People are suggesting that we rent it out, but a 125/night doesn't seem to be worth the aggravation and noise. Like the idea of a large cooking building with a big Francis Mallman firepit. 


The ridge above us was logged about 15 years ago and I had the local kid go up and clear the logging road then I cut a new trail in the back for a large loop. Uncovered a pile of rasberry and blackberry patches, and some old apple trees that need to be released and grafted. With all that fruit we have bears for sure and I spooked a number of deer and grouse on my walk. I also see coyote tracks everywhere. Game cameras go up next weekend.


It was great to walk the property with a forester for a few hours. Learned a hell of a lot and will have him back for a habitat rehab plan and a boundary marking.



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Wow. That sounds awesome.
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It's still only a little cabin in the woods. Just more woods now.



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@lefty , that sounds amazing...



After checking a few places up in the hills with some land, we bought a house in the 'burbs. One of the places we'd considered was just under mandatory evacuation due to the Clear Creek Fire. I do like my little 1/3 acre slice of paradise. :D

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