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Place is coming along very nicely, Mw!

Not sure what caused me to do so, but I changed every faucet in the house to Hansgrohe. Pretty happy with the quality from them, and especially so by comparison to the contractor moen's with 25 yrs on them.

Only downside is that I feel obligated to wipe them down after every use. Hah...sigh...a bit of OCD.
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Hansgrohe look like some nice faucets.  We are not to the replacement stage for faucets but I am keeping a look out for faucets that fit our housing design.


This weekend I am prepping the nursery for paint.  I haven't liked the companies we have used in the past and can't find any good recommendations.  Curtains are a dark Emerald green with matte gold hardware so thinking the walls will end up in the tan spectrum.  This should compliment some of the art and furniture we have already purchased.  I am also looking for a new light fixture but am waiting for my wife to decide on a style she likes.  

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Just installed Hansgrohe as well. Very happy so far.
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Painting our master bedroom currently, amazing how slap-dash the drywall prep is on this house. I've got easily 5 hours into prep for two walls....doing a wall or two at a time for paint.

Paint is easy for me, I just paint walls white and ceilings light grey, works with my furniture which is either Bauhaus or wood.

Btw, for those doing DIY faucet replacement....the drains are probably the most terribly disgusting things I've taken apart....and mine were fairy clean. I rate replacing the toilet higher than replacing the faucet drains. Easy job overall though.

If I can ever get my wife on board with curtains they will be white linen.
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I have a Hansgrohe kitchen one, and the extendable head keeps falling out of the rest of the faucet.  I click it in, and the second water is turned on or off, it pops out.  Any idea what might be causing this?

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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Btw, for those doing DIY faucet replacement....the drains are probably the most terribly disgusting things I've taken apart....and mine were fairy clean. I rate replacing the toilet higher than replacing the faucet drains. Easy job overall though.

I wasn't a plumber but I worked for the same companies and belonged to the same local union.When things got slow you did what you had to do for a paycheck. On remodels like hospitals or schools we ran bottle brushes thru the drains and traps with lots of running water. Reduced the gag factor considerably

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This stuff is pretty great.

if you aren't in a hurry to break something apart, flush with boiling water and pour some of this (mixed with a pint of hot water) down before you go to bed. Do it a few days in a row for extra effect. Won't remove physical stuff, but will clear up much of the disgusting slime that is holding it all together.

Cheap per dose and not nasty aggressive chemical cleaners, so you can also pour some down the kitchen sink once a month just for fun.
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Thanks for the ideas, I will use them before taking the bathrooms apart again next year to replace the vanities.
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You'd rather get chemicals on you than good old fashioned slime?
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That enzyme cleaner is pretty harmless. Just keep it out of your eyes and you should be fine. Technically it is categorized as a biological agent rather than a chemical agent...whatever that means.
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That it breaks down the fats, proteins, whatever to smaller sizes on the molecular level. Used inline with say some bacteria one could use it to liquify almost anything organic.
Enzymes are also be used to speed up chemical reactions.
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I started prepping the nursery this weekend by filling in holes and nicks in the wall in preparation for paint.  After close inspection, it really looks like the previous owners painted over whatever was on the walls and did not do any prep work which makes it a bear for me.  A joint knife/scraper has helped clean up the walls a bit without any side effects like chunks coming out of the dry wall.  


I was hoping to paint over the New Years holiday but the curtains we ordered will not be in until mid-January and I would like to match the wall color to the material.  They are a dark emerald green so the wall color will either be a shade of tan or gray.  We may have to wait until we decide on a fabric for a chair as well but that is my wife's job.  I may go ahead and paint the ceiling and closet interior as the closets are a dark shade which makes lighting for clothes tough.


I also realized the issue with our windows as they are tough to open and the only season I have tried is summer.  It seems the wood swells with the summer humidity making them impossible to open but the colder winter weather has made them easy to open.  This may have moved windows up on the replacement list.

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Prep is always the biggest part, if you are increasing the level of gloss you'll want to be very careful to make the walls smooth.

Whoever did the original prep on my house did a real slap-dash job of it, so I go over nearly every seam on both sides. I also take the opportunity to fix nail pops, I remove the nail without damaging the surrounding drywall and replace it with a screw. I can paint a room in about a day, but the drywall prep usually takes some time.

Some of it has been really goofy....like having skipped taping the seam all together, or having skipped coating the tape...lol. The previous owner did not seem to care at all and neither did his painter, because they simply painted over all of that stuff. Cracked seams on the ceiling that someone used paint to fix....and not surprisingly it did not fix it for long.

So, I feel your pain.....and oddly enough, at this point I sort of enjoy it. Seeing a wall, painted in eggshell, that does not show seams or nails is a uniquely satisfying experience.

Side note, replacing the ugly as sin contractor grade fan in the bedroom....honestly would like to just ditch it all together, but my wife is convinced we need to have a fan.
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The nail pops are more obvious in the bathrooms  with only a couple showing in the bedroom that I took care of.  The bathrooms will have their sheet rock replaced during updating of the bathrooms in the future.  I am glad the seam work is good, it is just holes from when the room was one of original owners son's room.  We will be replacing the fan with some sort of light fixture just haven't decided on what would look best with 8' ceilings.  I haven't found a good brand for light fixtures.

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