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You just sit them right on the concrete, leveling with sand when necessary.

You can do this, but not on top of cracked concrete and not if it doesn't already have the proper slope away from the home. Additionally, you need to install a border course first or else you will see the edges of the concrete. That border has to be bonded to the concrete. Not a small job either way, but doable.
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I want to get a wooden shower mat, is there much functional difference between teak and bamboo? e.g. slip resistance or water resistance?
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You don't *have* to mortar down a border course. You can use plastic paver edging, at least if the slab is close to the ground. If it's done properly, you could go right off the slab onto an adjacent stone/sand base.

An ordinary crack wouldn't be a problem. If the concrete had shifted dramatically then, yeah, you shouldn't try it. But that should be obvious.
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I'm not sure why it cracked, it was like that when I moved in. But it's huge cracks, large pieces are broken off to the point where I can just lift it up.

So if I were to add pavers over the concrete, I would have to resurface it to make the surface even to lay them.
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I used to do this over the summers when in university. As long as you have some patience it is very easy to lay down pavers. Makes sure you dig deep enough and pack the sand/screenings every few inches and your patio will last.

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Originally Posted by omgitswes View Post

Has anyone ever resurfaced a cracked concrete patio? I have a concrete slab in my back yard that I want to resurface and maybe lay down pavers. I'm pretty sure the pavers will be pricey, but would like to hear first hand experience on how difficult it is

Yeah, but did it by getting a bobcat to tear the whole stupid fucking thing up, cart it away, dig the area s it's sloped correctly, pour new concrete with rebar and expansion joints, and laid blue geometric flagstone on top. Total cost ~$25/sf.

Oh, the one removed was concrete + flagstone, not just concrete.
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