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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

I have many friends and acquaintances who are artists or home decor / fashion designers who like to come home to all white or neutral rooms. They work with color and patterns all day and find it relaxing and refreshing.

The result of a designer enjoying a project unhindered by negotiation. A similar effect to the architect's own house, which always includes a few selfish splurges that clients who are considering things like re-sale would never chose.
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Joys of home ownership story from yesterday:

Wife and I had noticed a pesky "damp" bathroom smell over the past several weeks. Figured my vent/fan is on it's last legs and not pulling moisture out of there after showers and stuff.


Yesterday morning found water seeping up from between the vinyl tiles around the toilet. Figured "oh, must just need a new wax ring, no bigs."


Pulled the toilet off to discover that rather than being bolted to a toilet flange, my toilet had been screwed directly to the foor, and there was, in fact, no toilet flange at all attached to my drain/sewer pipe.

The water damage was pretty extensive so I started peeling back the vinyl tiles, which is a PITA. Also had to cut and remove 2 different layers of subfloor, which was a bitch because my toilet is in it's own little alcove so it's hard to maneuver a saw in there and you cant get a circular saw any closer than a few inches from the wall.

I have cast iron sewer pipes, so the fact that there was no flange was very concerning to me at first, as I was not really prepared to lead solder a new flange on there nor did I want to pay for an emergency plumber the day before thanksgiving. Luckily I found that there are compression flanges for use on old cast piping. All of my local stores would have had to order the part in, but luckily a specialty shop across the city had one so I got to drive across the city in holiday traffic to get it.

Had a really difficult time getting the new subfloor cut correctly - really difficult to cut the right size hole for the pipe as it was a little irregular shaped and the subfloor had to fit rather closely so the new flange could be anchored into it.

Needed to replace 11 vinyl tiles, which was also a big bitch to do because 9 of them had to be trimmed to fit the space and around a floor vent in the area.

But in the end I got it all done and I'm happy that we have two working toilets for Thanksgiving!
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Is this unusual to have toilet bolted to the floor? Is this 'code' or some homey improvised shit?
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Normally, there are bolts that you place through the flange then you put nuts on top of the toilet base and tighten everything down so that the toilet is clamped to the flange with the wax cake in between. When you just screw the toilet into the floor the seal is not as good. They have been using the flange method for quite some time so it's definitely unusual and against code to not use a flange.
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One good thing you can say about slab foundations, at least, is that they don't rot when the toilet leaks.

If you enjoy DIY there's a great deal on a 12" DeWalt miter saw online at Lowes or Amazon. It's $200, but you can get 10% off Lowes with an online code. Beats waiting in line at the store.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

One good thing you can say about slab foundations, at least, is that they don't rot when the toilet leaks.

If you enjoy DIY there's a great deal on a 12" DeWalt miter saw online at Lowes or Amazon. It's $200, but you can get 10% off Lowes with an online code. Beats waiting in line at the store.

Yeah been eyeing those black friday miter saw deals. I do still need one to do the trim work around here and for building a fence next summer. Not sure that I need a 12" though, and I hear they are considerable larger than a 10" - any thoughts?

Having trouble finding a current online code for the 10% - do you have one handy?
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$20 off $100

Good Until 12/01/14

$10 off $50
Good Until 12/01/14

You replace the Rs with random numbers. Kind of a grey area but they've been doing it for years and years without Lowes ever complaining.


A 12" is larger and significantly heavier, but there's a very real increase in cutting capacity. I prefer the accuracy of a fixed 12" over something like a sliding 10". The sliding saws have a very large footprint too.

I would figure out the size of the moulding you're planning to use and see if you can cut it with a fixed 10." If so get one of those instead. But remember you're not always going to do flat 90 degree cuts.
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yeah, we might be doing molding over 4 inches plus who knows what for the fence. Going to go with the 12 inch. Actually I found a 12" hitachi with dual bevel and laser that is very highly regarded for $220 so I'm going to jump on that. I hear the dual bevel (not having to flip things around etc) will save a DIYer much heartache and waste.
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If it's the C12FDH, watch out, there are a lot of bad reviews on Amazon.

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That is the one - I went ahead and bought it anyway (thanks for the help with the discount code!) as the reviews on Lowe's website are fantastic and the price step up for a dual bevel in another brand is significant.
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I have a fair number of Hitachi tools and they're all great, so I'm sure it'll be fine. They're probably all made in the same Chinese factory anyway.
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I gave my father a hitachi chop saw to replace the craftsman death trap he was using without guards. It's pretty sweet, works nicely.

I use a handsaw and a shooting board myself,
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Sawzaw freehand ftw...

But seriously I finally upgraded my kit and bought a porter cable set w/ lithium batteries. Have done a few outdoor projects that included a playset and a 12 foot divider picket fence partition for our dog run. So far I'm satisfied with this set for home DIY stuff. I've probably got less than 30 hrs on them though.
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If you haven't pulled the trigger at Lowes, you can get a $200 gift card for $175 today at eBay.

Just in time!

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Finally got our old house rented out. Here's to hoping nothing breaks/they don't screw us.
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