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What do you do if your vac pipes are leaking inside the walls and how do you know if they aren't? Also I occasionaly vacuume something that I need to recover from the bag or canister, how do you do that with central vac if it is somehwre in the pipes?

P.S. I personally hate vacuuming and let my gang of robots do the whole thing. They clean the house well and entertain the cat.

The pipe install is plumbing grade PVC. Given the low wear and tear occasionally running a light vacuum will put on that install, vs. constant pressurized water flow, I'm pretty sure it's up to many years of service. As far as idiot proofing the act of vacuuming, years of having hundreds of employees have taught me as much as I think I've idiot proofed something, I can always hire a bigger idiot. If it gets stuck in the pipes call a plumber to snake it; if it doesn't it's in the canister just like any vacuum.
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only clogged ours once in 10 years. Pine needles from the Christmas tree. Plumber snake fixed it.
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Anyone have experience with Lynx grills? Thinking of getting their 36" professional with the rotisserie and then some other Lynx pieces like the cocktail station, some drawers, a fridge, etc.
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Never heard of that brand before.  We are looking at a Broilmaster P Series which is just a basic grill without any frills.  The local shop has a sale starting Aug. 1 so it would be a good time to grab one.  Maybe a sale for Lynx at some point soon as it is nearing the end of summer.  Never thought I'd spend $1K on a grill but seeing how often my parents bought new ones and this Broilmaster has a lot of lifetime warranty parts it would be worth the investment.

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This house came with a Broilmaster hooked up to the gas lines. It's pretty awesome.
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Oh jesus, that's expensive
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I hoping that's full list MSRP and I can get it for 3.5k or so when I get my entire backyard done up. I looked at some less expensive alternatives but it has so many features and a life time warranty, 12 years on labour.
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Okay, that's better.
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What's the Stainless Steel like on the outside?  We were shown some grills in the $1,500-$2,000 range that would rust in 1-2 years due to the SS used.  Ours will be black paint and have to be repainted from time to time which is not a big deal to me.

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It's 304 stainless so should continue to look good for years with just minor upkeep in terms of periodic cleaning.
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It depends on the grade of finish as well, but why do they not use 316? It's going to be outside exposed or covered?
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I would call it semi-exposed. Will be in a ramada and I will buy the custom fit cover for it.
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That will help a lot, just not having the elements on it will be an improvement and likely increase the life of it.
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Best home remedy to get marks off wall from moving furniture etc outside of touchup paint? I hear magic eraser might work well.
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