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^ Don't jinx it.
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Snapped some pictures while waiting for the glue to cure. Styleforum insists on rotating them oddly for some reason:

One of the hose bibs and the valve/filter/regulator for the drip system:

The automatic drain at the lowest point in the yard:

One of the fence lights:

Closeup showing the shoddy-but-unavoidable way the wire is attached.

Tomatoes growing in the white trash container garden:

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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

same, i have 100 at the super bowl party, no problem. will have 150 for my son's graduation from 8th grade and with the outdoor space we will be good. kitchen can hold 25 people at a clip and the dining room another 40

How do you get 150 people to give a shit about an 8th grader's graduation?
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come on, man. everybody gets a medal.
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I just got in shit with my sister for not making a bigger deal about this "award". Apparently there's a red carpet.



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Originally Posted by Joffrey View Post

How do you get 150 people to give a shit about an 8th grader's graduation?

wine, pool, food
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turk, for a guy with an automated irrigation system, that's some sad looking grass.
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Most of what you see is dirt I pulled out of that trench. It's 6-8" deep and about six wide. Plus, I'd like to see you grow centipede under five big trees.

Don't worry, though, I'm on it. Got a couple pallets of St. Augustine for the shady parts.

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Oh, yeah, that third picture shows one of the spots where the brown spot fungus got me last fall. It's not all dead but it'll take a couple months to fill in. Plus we had an unnaturally cold winter with 15 inches more rain than normal as of April 15 or so. Plus that super late frost. The only people who have lawns that are all green at this point have them full of weeds.
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I think that Douglas was joking.
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Probably. Today was a good time to catch me with that joke.

Since this is the Turk picture thread now, while procrastinating I took a couple of my plants that are flowering.

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Cool plants.
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I recently planted three new trees in our backyard.  Two consisted of Chinese Pistache for shade.  They are about 30 feet apart from each other.  The problem I have is one is doing very well, and the other is dying.  Almost all the leaves are now brown, and sagging.  Its been 5 days since the plant (15.5 gallon containers).  I've watered them daily, not flooding, but keeping moist.  I've fertilized them all.  Sun is great.  I am not affluent with trees whatsoever!  I've briefly read online that a stoppage in good water drainage below can hurt these.  Or of course disease or fungus.  How do I go about troubleshooting the problem?  The ground is soft and moist where I dug about 30 inches down.  There is no hardpan and actually had some sand.


Is it common to put rocks below the hole to ensure drainage?  Almost like you would when doing a fence post?

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Don't know anything about trees either, but if the conditions are the same, it could be transplant shock. Did you cut too many roots when you planted them?
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I didn't cut an roots when planting. Conditions are the same. The 15 gallon container went straight into the ground in a hole twice the size. How do you know when you have totally Los the tree or it's just in shock?
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