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Yes I like the new colour too.
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Speaking of the weather, had tornados north and south of the house yesterday. No damage but I found pieces of a drop ceiling in the street that couldn't have come from anywhere within a mile of the house.

Tomatoes seem to be OK, thank goodness.
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Been playing with the irrigation...

So far I've done about 150 feet of pipe and added three hose bibs around the back perimeter of the yard. I decided to go hog wild and am going to add another sprinkler zone for the drip irrigation of the container tomatoes. That way I can get a reliable valve that'll open three times a day to water the hell out of 'em. Hose end timers just don't seem to cut it.

I'm also adding landscape lighting around the fence, little deck-style LED lights on the posts. Got a bunch of them cheap, and I had the trench dug, so, why not?
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That LED lighting soounds interesting. Have any pics of progress?
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No pictures yet, but they're little two-watt moon or cup downlights. Not sure exactly what you'd call them. But they look like this:

Not sure how high up the fence to put them. Will just have to experiment. I can say that they're not very bright and that they'll be spaced out a bit, probably every other post.
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this month:

driveway: $2k
front porch: $6k
pool return line repair: $800.00
new refrigerator: $3000
uplighting: $500
landscaping: $785
plumbing (various): $900

Homeownership, the american dream!
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Well, at least you have a fancy fridge!

No landlord is installing 3k fridges in their rental units.
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we were due. we had a great one in our old house but it was left per the contract. new house had a 12 year old no-frills black a mana.
got a samsung with all the transformers drawers. i don't need door water or an ice maker but this has a carbonated option which is pretty bad-ass.

I think I figured out that between annual repairs, taxes, mortgage, landscaping, cleaning and insurance, the house costs me 88k a year pre-tax
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When we moved in we essentially had 2 year old but brand new appliances.  The dishwasher had never been used and most of the books and plastic was still in the refrigerator.  The one thing I hate though are the refrigerator doors are split on the top (freezer is a bottom drawer).  It cuts away at shelf space on the door and the other door has an ice maker.  If it wasn't so new we would think about replacing it but now it is just an annoyance.

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Vaguely apropos of this, I fucking hate ice cube makers. They crank out so much fucking ice that a family of five can't use all of it, so you're always getting stale ice, which tastes nasty. Our fridge doesn't offer a way to adjust the volume of ice, so I taped the on/off mechanism in the off position and we use ice cube trays.


The steam generator for our shower is getting installed on Thursday. EXCITED.

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Finally spent $430 to fix the built-in coffee machine system that I never use. 


$1300 to redo the caulking in my master shower due to the steam shower. (Have fun with that one, im.)


Am in lawsuit with the building sponsor who improperly installed the roof membrane - fuck you very much RE lawyer who missed that one.


Condo fees going up 30% to compensate for the reserve money we had to drain to fix the roof.


Lost 3' of property alongside my cabin when the surging river ripped it out this spring. M of E is saying, "sorry, but you can't shore up the shore."



That property in Nicaragua is looking better and better. A jungle house made of wood is something I can deal with and fix myself.



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WTF is up with all you ice maker haters? An ice machine is one thing in my house I really would not like to do without.
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Seriously. Actually, the one in our house doesn't make enough. Occasionally it also jams and it is a major bummer when I have no ice.

It's probably a great size for a family but when the family has a dinner party the family must buy ice.
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i have an ice maker, he is a lithe young man from Laos named Blin-Gop
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Put that stale ice down your garbage disposal to clean it out.
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