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Hah, beat me to it
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No ceiling ground.


Yes, the single red is a bitch and the switches are complicated as hell lutron systems.


The problem is that my wife called an electrician in who came in and said, "this is simple and I will charge you too much" then looked at me. My wife is out of town and I have 6 days to devote my life to figuring this fucker out.


Unfortunately, the fixture is too heavy and unwieldy for me to get it up and try various wiring configurations. Need to get to right the first time. 


The linked site doesn't seem to address my situation. 



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Is the box metal? Normally I expect to ground to the box if the wire is not provided. Same for the switches.

Where is ataturk, his spidey sense should be tingling.
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Metal box. Can ground to it.



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I'm really not an electrician. I have kind of a working knowledge of wiring, but not much with older structures. So I wouldn't venture a guess based on wire colors.

My advice would be to pull the three way switches out and see which wires are connected where. You could spread those wires coming from the ceiling, so nothing shorts, then turn the power back on and see which wires get hot when you flip the switches. Then you can figure out what should go where.
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You could go to the hardware store and buy a cheap, light light fixture and do your wiring experimentation on that.
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The main switch is a Crestron controller with six lighting zones as well as independent control for all the window shades. There's no fucking way I'm pulling that off the wall.


Assuming I determine which are hot, (my circuit tester needs batteries) then is this simply a matter of all the hots together and all the neutrals together?



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Are there any other light fixtures controlled by this switch, I mean, any other lights that come on when this one does?
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It's an island light so it makes sense to me that it's on a separate switch within the larger controller. Can't say for certain. Why?



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There's different ways to hook up three-way switches, so we need to figure out where the wires are going, i.e., whether it's to one of the switches or to another fixture. That way we can figure out if the red is just a dead end (it could be a spare wire) or whether it's supposed to be connected to another red to act as the traveler. It could do something else entirely--but I don't think that's likely. But I'm not an electrician...

It's probably safe to cap the red and hook a test bulb up like Matt suggested and see how it works.
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When you pulled this out of the ceiling was everything capped off separately or were the blacks and whites capped together?
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Yeah, I guess I could try that without killing myself.


I can't see the red needing another. There's no way one was pulled or not installed initially, and there was a working light not too long ago. 



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Based on everything you've said, I'm pretty sure that red doesn't do anything. I bet everything works fine with it capped off.
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Thread Starter 
Heat went out again, second time in a month. During a polar vortex, of all times.

The guy came back to fix it today claimed it was a result of his repair from last time. I'm not sure I understood it all, but some emergency shut-off was reading wrong or was too close to the heat source, and therefore cutting off the furnace prematurely.

At least it's warm in here now.

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At least he was honest enough to own up to causing it with his first repair.
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