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Sounds like you should just come back at 5% below and hope it sticks.
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agree. come in with your final offer, assuming you're prepared to walk if it's rejected. as RE agents they'll know when you're serious and I wouldn't be surprised if they turn around and accept your offer after you walk.
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Countered at close to 5% off as a final.  

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No one else to talk to so talking to anonymous people on the internet.  No word yet on our counter offer.  Our current residence has 4 showings today and one is drafting papers for an offer already.  We may be homeless soon. . .in a good way.

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wait until you see that offer is 15% off your asking price biggrin.gif
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remodeling estimated budget was around 50K, will have pretty much all we wanted for 60ish K. Have to say, I am actually ok being off by only ~20%
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What all was involved in the remodel again?

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new hardwood floors troghout, resurfacing cabinets, countertops, new paint, small mods here and there and new stairs biggrin.gif
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It ain't $50k worth of renovations, but I got a new drill for Christmas.

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I got some stuff from my parents to help around the house.


Housing situation update:

-Rejected counteroffer on the house we wanted because the seller wanted us to get an inspection within 15 days after the agreement though they could still keep the house on the market.  We will submit the same offer once we have a contract on our house


-Our house has had 8 showings since last Friday and another slated for today and tomorrow.  Good turn out despite the Christmas holiday which could have meant a slow start.  Worst part about this is we have to make the place spotless every day before we leave for work.  Almost seems like a chore to live in our own house.

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Still in the old process of showings.  We seem to have a lot of tire kickers and people with shitty realtors who don't look at anything other than price and if it is a condo/townhome for their buyer.  All of the feedback has been great otherwise.  Only been on the market 14 days which I have to keep reminding myself and that the average days on market in our area is around 50.

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Bound to be slower this time of year too.
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Who is the wiring expert here?


Want to install a ceiling light controlled by a three way switch. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when the previous light was removed.


The fixture has three lights each with separate wires - black, white and green - so 9 wires total. Can twist those together and treat as 3 wires - hot, neutral, ground.


Coming out of the ceiling I have 2 lines each with a black and white. One of the lines has a single red wire. That's the vexing part. I assume this red is also hot and acting as a traveller, but not sure if I have to split the fixture wires and connect across the two lines.


None of my super handyman books shows this setup and my google fu is too weak to get the wording correct.





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the answer to the first part of your question is yes, you just combine all of the wires into 'bundles'. Black to Black, etc...

you say you have two wire pairs black/white, one coming in and one coming out, however, one of the black/white pairs, also has a red?

I think your missing a wire, and where is your ground wire coming from the ceiling (there may not be, trick question)

I've used this website sucesfully....

and I agree, 3way switches are fing voodoo to me, and I woudl rate myself intermediate when it comes to electrical....
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I always end up having to look up the diagrams for these things since I rarely wire them;

This distinguishes where the power source comes in, makes it easier to understand.

Red should be the traveller.
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