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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

So I went out and bought two LED floodlights to try in my recessed lighting for a comparison test.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
A Philips 13W 730 Lumens nominal from Home Depot vs. a GE Energy Smart 12W 750W nominal from Sam's Club. Both supposedly dimmable, both supposedly 65W equivalents. I compared these to the Philips incandescent bulbs I have currently in place, nominally 680 or so lumens (I can't recall exactly but it was in the 600s.) I can't remember exactly what I paid but they were close in price, I think the Philips was like $34 and the GE about $31. Sam's also has a nominal 10W GE bulb with lower light output at $25.

Both being powered by Lutron Diva series dimmers. Both bulbs rated at 2700K "soft white."

the contenders

There is a clear winner, and really for one reason: The GE hums. One of them is not terrible, but I have 10 recessed fixtures in my kitchen and if I had 10 of these bulbs it would sound like a beehive in here.

Both dimmed successfully. The GE was definitely a bit brighter. I like the way it lights better too; the Philips lights up in the middle but there is a dark ring around the edges of the flood that is sort of annoying. But the hum is simply not acceptable. I moved the bulb into a bathroom where there is no dimmer and a fan is rigged on the same circuit. It's possible the thing is humming in there, but you can't tell with the fan on.

Both bulbs' color temp is perfectly equivalent to incandescent at full bore.

philips led left, Philips incandescent right

You can tell the led is slightly brighter, and color temps identical at full bright.

At this point, I removed the GE bulb and moved it to the bathroom, so the rest of this applies only to the Philips. I didn't really test the GE much once the noise issue became obvious.

One thing I do note is that as I dim the lights, the incs get very orange and the LED remains a pretty constant temp. Not sure if it's just me as the adjacent inc goes orange, but the LED seems almost greenish in comparison.

It's also obvious the incs dim farther and better. The LED dims to about half intensity and no further. For really romantic mood lighting, I'd stick with incs.

led left, incandescent right

See what I mean? Full dim here.

It's a considerable investment to convert the rest of the kitchen (9 more bulbs @ $35 each = ouch) so before I do I'm going to live with this one bulb as-is for a few weeks.

So... update on this post.

On the advice of a few folks on here, I tried putting the GE LED back on a dimming circuit without any other bulbs. As postulated, without other bulbs on the circuit, it no longer hummed.

I noted that both of the original bulbs I tested were brighter than I needed, and so in the interests of saving money and with the GE now maybe back in contention, I took a chance and bought three of the 10W GE bulbs from Sam's Club. I have one three-light circuit above our kitchen peninsula and I installed them there last night.

A perfect result. These are the right intensity, the color is perfect. They don't orange-out when dimmed - really they hold their color temp, which isn't what I'm used to, but certainly couldn't be called a defect. If anything, the "oranging" is a peculiarity of incandescent. They dimmed quite well. I am rather satisfied, for $25/bulb.

Provided nothing goes wrong in the next couple of days, I will replace the remaining six bulbs in the kitchen with these identical bulbs. The original two experimental bulbs will be moved to other locations in the house.

Of course, the risk I take is that these somehow don't make it through years of use, as promised. But there's no way to tell that for now. Given the price, I'll be less upset if they do blow up than if I went with the Philips and they blew up. Who's to tell how that risk will pan out.
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Glad to hear of the good result.
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^^^Thanks for the test results. Very interesting. You should save a lot of energy.
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Are any of the eames lounge chair rip offs decent? I can't afford the real thing frown.gif Is there a dedicated furniture thread that i haven't found?
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Took some pics of the new place. Feel free to give ideas. We're going to get rid of the leaded glass.

photo WP_20130731_17_57_51_Pro_zps70ccff0d.jpg
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photo WP_20130731_17_52_34_Pro_zps3fc60834.jpg
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Property line goes right up to her house. Literally like one ft from her wall.

photo WP_20130731_17_55_42_Pro_zpsafb533b6.jpg
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why get rid of the leaded glass?

nice place, congrats.
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Lake view

photo WP_20130731_17_55_20_Pro_zpsd422e0f7.jpg
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my jaw dropped. nice place
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Big front yard, small back yard

photo WP_20130731_17_50_59_Pro_zpsee007c78.jpg
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

why get rid of the leaded glass?

nice place, congrats.

My thoughts exactly. Nice place, why get rid of part of the character?
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

why get rid of the leaded glass?

nice place, congrats.

The front door and foyer area, I think it looks 80s. The cross hatch stuff, what ever it's called, I like we'll keep that.
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Looks great Jack.
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Very nice and what a great lake view!

My 2 cents

keep the leaded windows
put the money into updating your kitchen and appliances ASAP. You use those everyday and it will update the house.
I don't think changing the windows will make that big of a difference really.

Get a row boat biggrin.gif
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