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When the real thing became endangered.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

When did wood go from wood species stained with a color, to just 'color' in the eyes of the masses (at least in 'merica)?

when it stopped being wood (laminate).
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I also suspect that it happened right around the time cherry stain overshadowed what actual cherry wood looks like.

It's blanketed over those that are actual wood.

I admire denmark for their ability to stick to a wood species and finish to define their selection along with numbered fabric and leather colors. The need to name everything with some obscure object associated with the color is my pet peeve.

Everytime I see something with some stupid label like 'honey almond' color wood, I think; Kill it with fire!
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Also, with floors, people seem like cattle... polyurethane.... polyurethane.... polyurethane.... polyurethane.... don't people realize this stuff makes their floor look plastic?
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Hah! My brothers house is of the craftsman style and I have to say, I was very proud of him for refinishing the floor in shellac. Even more interesting he bought the shellac in raw form and mixed the the blend he wanted. This has the added bonus of being able to chose a darker shellac that should fit the style of the time.

I like catalyzed tung oil, it smells something awful when you are putting it down, but it's very natural appearing when burnished into the wood. I literally applied it by hand and burnished it when finishing my stairwell.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

When did wood go from wood species stained with a color, to just 'color' in the eyes of the masses (at least in 'merica)?

Probably about the time that "a nice rack" went from being natural breasts to inflated, round implants.
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I woke up to loud, saw cutting noise today.

I went out to the side yard and the new homeowner who bought the house next door for rent had the palm tree cut.

Our house was not given any prior notice and all the debris fell into our side of the yard. Isn't it common courtesy to let the neighbors know like 2-3 days in advance?
Needless to say we were pretty upset and gave the owner a piece of our mind. The husband just stood next to the wife and giggled like a school girl and the wife did not apologize and said the amigos will clean it up. She asked "Well, what do you want me to do now??"

We tried to confront them again but they went into the home and stayed in.

People these days.

Right thread ... can I make any legal claims or take actions against them?
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no, and really why would they need to warn you? What would change if you knew ahead of time?
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Really, no even a common courtesy notice? "Hey, just letting you know I will be having some guys over to cut down the tree and there may be debris falling over."

At the least the guy on the other side understood this when he decided to change out the entire side of the fence.

What I have plants, storage etc. put there? What if it got severely damaged?

I just think the neighbors should at the very least give notice.

Like when another friend who threw a party and let the neighbors know it maybe loud between X to Y time. Actually we did that too during university days and never had the cops roll in on us.

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Did they damage your property?

It's not that I think your concerns are unfounded, but it sure sounds like you overreacted. You gotta live with neighbors. Sometimes it's best to let little slights go.
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It's the tree company's responsibility to clean any debris off your property and not damage anything. It's the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that the company they hired fulfills their responsibilities. I don't understand why you'd need special notice though. A party late at night causes an abnormal disturbance and notice seems reasonable, not so much for a tree trimming.
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I was more concerned with why we were not notified. A new homeowner rolls into the neighborhood and giving 0 fucks is not a great first impression. I guess in this day and age people don't care enough.
I don't know if anything is damaged as they are still cutting, but I would expect the crew to clean up my backyard before leaving. The homeowner should actually initiated that if they were responsible.

Home ownership is not easy and you cannot just roll through and do whatever the hell you want and expect your neighbors to turn the other cheek. Just my opinion ..

And I don't like irresponsible, no manner, reckless people.
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So you'd prefer they neglected the yard, decreasing the neighborhoods aesthetic appeal, and dragging down your property value? nest.gif

Also, I have the ugly duckling yard of the neighborhood right now frown.gif Everyone else's looks pretty nice and mine is a mess. Getting it taken care of this week.
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It could have been handled a bit differently is all my point was.

Let me know, I say let me move some stuff around to give you more working space, and you can go about your business. A little foresight can go a long way. It is all about planning. You plan things out and consider all the variables. You then execute and it should all go smoothly if your planning was done right. This is all given and should be common sense.

What happened here is the owner obviously "DGAF" and when confronted had nothing to say. This is dumb.

Oh and what was really infuriating was the crew started cutting for a good 15-20 min. then knocked on our doors to tell us what is happening. LOL

Go fuck yourself
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VLSI I am going to the gym now to throw some plates around and hopefully let out some steam
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I don't think they have any obligation to notify you. I wouldn't give a fuck if my neighbors did that. Then again, as long as the neighbor isn't endangering me in some way or damaging my property, I don't care what they do.

In fact, we had a dying tree removed, and the guy cutting our tree went next door to inquire about work, and the neighbor had them remove a tree right on their side of the property line. It sucks because it gave a nice shade to our driveway.

You talk about good first impressions, but where I come from, it is the current residents who come over and introduce themselves and make the effort. Maybe you should find a place with a strong association so you can approve all your neighbors projects.
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