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    1. 484 slim-fit jean in indigo raw selvedge denim
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    2. 484 slim-fit jean in raw selvedge denim
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post #16 of 17 states that the denim is from japan. i can't agree with you, man. these look good. i've always been happy with my j.crew denim and i've just ordered a pair of the indigo raw. i will post pics and give a follow up. the 484 fit is perfect for me and the indigo raw is such a good looking color. i can't wait. 

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First of all, I am going to go ahead and highly recommend you don't buy the J crew selvedge. This looks like a serious money grab to me. Not anywhere on the site does it say where they are made. I have been in the denim game for a long time, and so have a lot of people on SF. And they will all tell you the same: If selvedge costs more than $200 you have the right to know where they were made.
Here is the APC PS measurements.
Even if those measurements aren't what you are looking for, you should just give us the measures for the J crew pair and we WILL find you another pair of jeans for the same price that will put those to shame.


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I just want to state that I had no idea what selvedge denim was until Jcrew came out with them several years ago.
They did a great job marketing (at least to me), and being a stoner I fell for it.

Fast forward a few years, and in 2014 I can tell anyone that it was a rookie mistake, very regrettable, but oh well. You've got to live and learn.
The 484 silhouette is actually pretty nice when you try it on. My girlfriend demanded that I get 'em. Someone had also told me that raw denim stretches out over time. Yea, sure, buddy. Not every pair does.

After wearing it for a day I realized my body is not suited for it.
I have an average/slim build, and I can only imagine some seriously thin hipsters wearing the 484. Unless you size up.
Very low rise, super slim around the thighs.
I purchased waist 32, and I have space to put my hand in (if not more). But when I sit, I start to feel anxiety and anguish because the crotch is literally pushing my balls back into my body, and my thighs hurt from lack of blood circulation.
I did get compliments when wearing them, but the sheer discomfort of the fit really held me back from making it my everyday pair.
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