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Well if the cops say it must be true. Not like cops ever lie or get drunk or high on the job.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

I have to question whether there even are any posters who believe in Bigfoot anymore. Even idnfl appears to have lost his faith. At least he has been very quiescent of late.

I have remarked before that otherwise very bright, capable people can believe all kinds of strange things. I would put many (but by no means all) religious beliefs in this category.

My desire to believe it's real has been dented recently, I agree.

A new video was posted which has HD images, if this is faked, its well done. The blink is in slow motion, so if it appears mechanical, that's the explanation given:

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Good to see you back, idnfl! I was a little worried about you. Well, I'll have to say that's even better BF imagery than "Patty." Either it's real BF or a man in make-up and costuming. The absence of any discernible facial prognathism, in contrast to most BF imagery and all real apes, strongly suggests the latter alternative to me.

As to the "baby chupacabra," I am almost certain he's just a poor little dog--a chihuahua maybe--that has lost his hair to mange. The eyes don't look right for a coyote or fox.

Looking into these matters further, I learned that Todd Standing, the chap who took the BF video, is held in very low regard within the BF community.

As to the chupacabra, I gather that wildlife biologists think it's a raccoon. Looking more closely at the critter's paws, I think they're right.

The "Bizarro" cartoon for today was amusing: It showed a BF in the ticket line at an airport, and the clerk at the counter was saying, "Don't you have a better ID photo?" I didn't realize blobsquatches were that notorious.
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As this thread had some snake info, I thought some of you might find this interesting.




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^Potent stuff, snake venom--a real witches' brew of nasty toxins. An unpleasant fact is that rattlesnake venom in the USA has become a good deal more toxic in recent decades. There are several theories about this--transmittal from the extremely toxic Mojave rattlesnake through hybridization, or that the snakes are in an "arms race" with prey species of rodents that are developing more immunity or resistance to venom.
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Nothing new to post?
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^It would seem that idfnl has given up fighting the good fight for the Big Guy. He was the heart and soul of this thread, really. I was just mere skeptic and naysayer. It saddens me to see this thread become moribund. It has been one of my three favorite threads in the decade I've been on SF. The others were the one about animals fighting and the one I started about ghosts.
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I see that Discovery Channel on their "Destination America" subdivision (or whatever it may be) is planning to run a show on "Killing Bigfoot." The hunters are a group of rustic looking Southern white males styling themselves the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Association. Their plan is to bag one for science. They say only an adult male BF carcass will prove the existence of the critters. (I don't know why a juvenile female wouldn't establish their existence just as conclusively, but that's what they said.) The promotional photo shows them clad in ghillie suits. Let us hope they don't shoot each other by mistake! Anyway it is scheduled to air this Friday (October 17).
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I wonder if that's the guy who approached me to do a Bigfoot hunting show. 



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