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Edward green halifax!

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Just picked up my pair of Walnut Country Calf Halifax boots from Richard's of Greenwich. Surprisingly, they came in 5 weeks early. I am posting because a few months ago there was a discussion on the pricing of EG, specifically the Halifax. I was charged $695.00. I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard's, and especially Arylene Goldberg, who has helped me out there over the past couple of years. If I had a digital camera I would post some pictures, they are beautiful.
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You lucky dog. Richards quoted me $1,200 for that boot, but I didn't speak to Arlyne though. I ended up faxing my order to the Burlington Arcade and it should be shipping today. What last/sole did you order?
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wow, im really suprised at the price you got. I have been a customer for a long time, perhaps why I got such a good rate. In fact, I just ordered a pair of Stowe's and they are going to be $695.00 too. I ordered the halifax in walnut country calf, 505 last, double leather sole with a fudge welt. I plan on wearing them mostly with tweed/heavy flannel suits, corduroy trousers, and jeans.
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I need to have me a chat with this Arylene gal.
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I got my "Halifax" boots about 3 month ago and I paid GBP 525.00, which is (at today's rate) about $ 950.00. Maybe I should place my orders not with the London shop, but get them from the US of A.
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