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Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to ask this question, but does anyone know how Suit Supply quality would compare to the Benjamin suits from Ehaberdasher? They are very similar price points.
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Does anyone know if all the suit supply "washington" sport coats are shorter than the suit versions? On their website, "washington-half" is described as shorter than the suit jacket, but there are sport coats labeled only as "washington." I think the main difference is that the "washington" sport jackets are fully lined whereas the "washington-half" is half-lined, but i'm not sure about the lengths.
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Im new to the style forum but thought I could add some information with my experience of Suit Supply in London.

I was at the westfields suit supply store, and saw a very nice half Washington blazer that was unfortunately out of stock in my size, but they informed me the Vigo st. Store had it in my size, so I trekked across London for it, turns out they didn't have it, which was annoying. Anyway I tried on a Washington half sc in a different colour to get the fit so I could order online, I was a 38S in the jacket as I like my jackets a little shorter. The jacket I bought was ...,en_GB,pd.html?start=9&cgid=Jackets
The colour is quite different in person to the website, and is actually much nicer too.
I also bought a grey suit in 38R, they have a 6" drop for the trousers.,en_GB,pd.html?start=14&cgid=Suits
Again the website doesn't really convey the true colour of this suit, but I was pleasantly surprised when it eventually arrived.

I had both items delivered to the Vigo st store so I could go in and have them tailored. Here are my experiences...

Jacket sleeves can only be shortened or lengthened half an inch due to the working buttons, this was fine on the 38S jacket, but I would have liked to shorted the sleeves more than 1/2" on the suit.
I also found that they cut the 38R slimmer than the 38S, not sure if this is standard in other brands, but that is what they told me when I was having alterations done. I had £40 worth of alterations done on the 38S jacket, sleeves shortened and waist nipped. Whereas on the suit I had sleeves shortened and jacket shortened by 1/2", and the slimmer 38R didnt need any more alterations.

The staff in the shop were extremely helpful and I would 100% recommend to people looking for a well priced suit or jacket, in the end I've paid £600 for a suit and jacket that in my opinion fit perfectly, which I'm extremely happy with.

I am happy to post pictures of the suit or jacket and also the measurements.
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It is possible to shorten sleeves on a jacket with working cuffs more than 1/2", but it's pricey - they have to take it up from the shoulder.
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Originally Posted by Superfluous View Post

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I believe some people wouldn't mind having me do this:
So I finally got around to take some pictures of the jacket. I threw it on over what I was already wearing, so don't judge my outfit tounge.gif. Keep in mind that there are some folds/creases from my dropped right shoulder and I haven't yet had the quick-fix button adjusted to help alleviate it.
Some issues with the jacket (non fit related):
-I believe there is some dimpling in the shoulder
-I think there's a sleeve pitch issue
-I've never seen the type of stitching used under the collar at the top. Cheaper brands, I believe, use more of a zig-zag, while other use vertical type stitching or something else. This has a straight across type of stitch, maybe I'll take a picture sometime. I don't know much about the stitching, I just haven't seen it before.
-Stylistically, I like my skirt to have more flare. This, however, has less flare and looks more like a single-vented jacket.
Some surprising good things:
-shoulders are comparatively (to other cheap brands) very well done
-the style is very Tom-For like
-The cut is very slim
-they have my size 38L
-wider lapels

  Pretty awesome looking jacket!

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Originally Posted by blc456 View Post

Hi All,
I ordered this jacket from Suit Suppy the other day and wanted to get feedback on how it fits. This is right out of the box without any tailoring done. It is usually pretty tough to find things that fit me, but I am actually pleased with how this fits. I think the shoulders may be a bit big and the left sleeve needs to be let out a bit (They have working buttonholes but there is fabric and it should only need to be let out a little bit).
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! smile.gif
Don't mind the rest of my outfit, it just happened to be what I was wearing.

  How about some updated pics of how it looked after you got it tailored?

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what is the body type these suits tend to fit? i have a tapered athletic body (wider shoulders, narrow waist) and it's difficult finding a suit that fits both shoulders and chest. I recently tried on a Hugo Boss 40L slim sharp fit at nordstrom just to try and gauge my size, and it fit great. does suit supply have a suit for athletic builds like mine? which ones, if any, do?

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Originally Posted by blc456 View Post

This is correct. It is the Washington cut and is half canvassed. It is a 90%wool/10% cashmere blend.
Most 40L's off the rack are a bit big on me. This is by far the best 40L OTR that I have tried.

Too expensive

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