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F1 fans, Montreal anyone?

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received my tickets last week, reserved my room, been going for many years


any others?


Montreal, great city, one big party during race week

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Nice. Went in 2007 and had a blast. A friend and I drove up from the DC area and rented an apartment for a little under a week.

Been meaning to go to another race since my last one in 2009 (Abu Dhabi). May do Austin this year but I definitely need to do Montreal again soon.
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There is a fellow named fuuma on this forum. I think he is more of a NASCAR fan than F1, but he is into both. You ought to PM him.
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I'm also a yearly participant.

Certainly one of the best weekends of the year, hands down.

Catch you on Crescent?
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Originally Posted by xpress View Post

Catch you on Crescent?

Yes... Crescent Street and Salon Montreal et soirees du jazz.

Rue Prince Arthur not too shabby either, with plenty of places to enjoy an authentic Cohiba.
Unfortunately, I have yet to enjoy Montreal during Grand Prix.
Gentlemen, I envy your sporting holiday.
A votre sante' !



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Just booked my tickets as well.

Grandstand 31 (missed out on 34 this year)
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4 weeks til the season starts


I used to sit in 11, but now 21 (L'Epingle)

they blow into this hairpin at 190 mph and brake to 60 mph



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Last year I was too hung over to attend the practice. I was also too hung over to attend the qualifying. I was also too hung over to attend the race.
Weekend Fail.

On a brighter note, went to the Hugo Boss party (obviously not SF approved), and hung out with LH and JB.
Awesome night.
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Hung out or were in the vicinity of LH and JB?
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Not a F1 fan but I am a Montrealer. The city is the best at that time of the year. Everyone is having a good time. Enjoy your time in La Belle Province!
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pretty cool Ferrari 2012 vs 2011 car comparison photo



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Thought I'd revive this thread. Purchased my general admission tickets yesterday so my first f1 race in 3 seasons is official. Anyone else going? What's a good website or resource to look up restaurant, bar, club, neighborhood recommendations? What about sight seeing? I may skip the pitlate walk on Thursday so I'm considering doing some wandering around.
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I'll be there. However, I've lost my tickets somewhere in my house.
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You paid $30 for shipping? We're picking up ours at will-call. Good luck though!
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I'm part of a local group-buy.
Section 24, very top row.

Gives us the ability to stand up without hindering anybodies view, and we can see when the toilets are empty.
A huge plus.
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