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+1. I've been working with Pasquale and it has been a pleasure. His old-world handwork and attention to detail are a rarity and it is the best I've seen. He will work with you until both he and you are happy.



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Just went to him to have some pant alterations done. He seems like a nice guy. Have you or anyone on this thread had Pasquale make a jacket or pants (his shirts are MTM and are made in China, so not made on premises)? Rough cost and details?


Ditto.  When I was in the other day, I asked him casually about making suits and whether he does it there.  He said he does it "with some people who are too old to leave their houses and can't drive."  I'm nto 100% sure what that means.  He did bring out a nice-looking jacket (silk) that he had recently made, which looked quite nice with lots of handwork.  Did not get into costs or details.

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Update on Pascale.


Did a nice job on a pair of incotex I had bought that was slightly too small. He looked at it, felt confident that loosening the fork would work, and so I took a leap of faith. Trousers came out nicely. He did have to redo a pair of pants I had him uncuff, a bit too short in the back (should have tapered it). But overall, am happy with the work.


Will take a jacket to him to clean up the back and also to make a shirt trimmer.


On price of blazers, I had him quote me about 900 dollars. The question, however, is whether people here have tried him. Please post pics, and details if you have.

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