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Ben silver spectators

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Crockett & Jones spectator Price: $550 Has anyone seen that offered via Internet at one of the UK shoe shops or Plal?
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I have seen the shoes (style "Hampton") here in London priced at GBP 330.00, so $ 550.00 is a pretty good price. But contact Plal, they did mention in a previous posting that they are able to get any shoe from the Crockett & Jones catalogue. Mind you, the shoes use "shiny white leather" and not suede, Alan Flusser is not likely to approve: But if the white suede of the correspondence shoe has been replaced with shiny white leather, as it is in most of today's commercial versions, it's a horse, ahem, of a different color. Representing an era when the care of high-maintenance attire was left to those employed to look after the privileged, authentic two-toned shoes are as difficult to maintain as they are to polish. However substituting leather for white suede renounces the shoe's wellborn origin and reduces its taste from the patrician to the parvenu. Style and the Man - p.42
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Fratelli Rosseti made a fine black, and white spectator some time ago. But it was obviously much more high fashion than those C&J's.
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