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For Sale:
KKA Size 1 Light Grey J Jeans & Other Japanese goodies...

Will Ship To: Anywhere

2. KKA J Jeans, Light Grey size 1 (44-46) 125$

Waist: 39 cm
Hem: 17cm
~Inseam: 85cm+

These were tapered a bit and hemmed a bit. Condition is probably 7.5/10. Just some wear, no major flaws at all. Some pretty awesome stacks esp with high tops and some interesting darts.

Just not working out with my wardrobe so well, color blocking me since I don't have as many lighter greys as I would like to. Maybe someday.

any "discoloration" is just weird lighting shadows...


3. Tornado Mart Jeans 40$ "M" (but really fits 44)

Waist: 39cm
Inseam: 83cm
Front Rise: 21cm
Hem: 15cm

Not a brand talked about here, but is a Japanese streetwear brand (retailed for like 30k yen..); some cool stuff some wack stuff, but pretty solid material usage and construction. Cotton/Elastane jean with some stretch. Lightly waxed and kind of a gradient from top to bottom. These fit pretty tight. I'm a 44-46 bottom and these are better on a 44.