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I think Everlane keeps being on the cusp of offering something good. Their older oxfords - back when they were MIUSA - fit decently with some tailoring through the body to get rid of the flare at the hips. The armholes were nice and high with plenty of length in the sleeves. The oxford in 'smoke' is made with a really awesome fabric and is one of my go-to shirts for business-casual. At some point - maybe around the time they switched production to China - they dropped the armholes way lower on the body and now the fit is lousy.

They have a bunch of near-misses in their line-up: The cut on of the t-shirts isn't great - short in the body and sleeves and pretty boxy - but they're made with a nice, soft material. The cardigan blazer or whatever they called it was close to being a solid piece, but the rippling at the hemline ruined it. It's kind of like they forgot to finish designing it and left out an important detail. I tried out one of the suede belts, but the d-ring design doesn't work with double-layered leather so I ended up returning it and paying a little more for an Epaulet belt in a similar material.

I feel like I got what there was to get out of the first couple of runs of oxfords, which are nicer than Uniqlo but definitely not on the level of WvG, and the 'at-cost' belt. I guess the current product line is geared toward the GQ Everyman: mediocre cuts for mediocre physiques, and average prices for slightly better-than-average materials.
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I think one of the issues is they aren't fashion or garment people. They really do need some people who understand product and can control production to make sure that the design and execution is done properly.
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Has anyone ordered the new bomber jacket? Would like to know how it pans out.
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$48 for swim shorts. What happened to quality garments at a fraction of the price of traditional retail?

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Well it's a fraction of Orlebar. foo.gif
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Originally Posted by dwong04 View Post

$48 for swim shorts. What happened to quality garments at a fraction of the price of traditional retail?

here's your logic

1. swim shorts are priced higher than some number you made up
2. therefore, everlane must have marked them up to a crazy ridiculous degree omg time to panic
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Well Bam, do you think Everlane has lived up to their claim?


I don't think there is anything wrong with expressing disagreement about their price point. This "number in my head" is based on my past experiences of buying Everlane products and how I judge the quality to be. I have had good experiences with their bag, but not so much on shirts. 

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So, twill vs. canvas weekender, anyone bought the former?

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Anyone try the bomber? Seems pretty good for the price.
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I no longer buy from everlane, as the poster a few up said everything they make is just slightly wrong. Id be amazed if the bomber didn't have one show stopping problem with it
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Originally Posted by Stillmaticbeat View Post

can someone pm me their everlane referral code do I get a discount if i use it

Dunno but give it a try!
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So, on the site it recommends using HopShopGo for international orders, but I can't find Everlane in their list of retailers?

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Allowed to discuss the Snap Backback?



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My girlfriend has it in bone. It's very nice. Only complaint is it's hard to snap with one hand unless the bag is really full. The drawstrings prevent anything from falling out, so it wasn't a deal breaker.
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