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See post below
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Review: Part 1 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Everlane Slim Knit Blazer Review

  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Navy and Gray

I picked these up 3 days ago and received them today.

I'd usually provide measurements but I have relegated them to my garage to be hung up, to be safe, as my brother who picked up the package said he developed a bad rash after touching the brown bag (it could be the other package that came in, not sure). And I also want to get all the wrinkles out before I try it on a second time.

For reference: I am 5'9 and 150-155 lbs.

I picked up a medium jacket in the navy and gray. My initial reaction when I opened up the brown bag was how nicely folded they were, how heavy the bag was, and how thick the jacket looked. One concern I always have with jackets is how high the buttoning point is set. After unfolding the gray jacket I was relieved that the button was low, set at a decent level. The gray is also much darker than I had assumed though looking back at the photos online, pic #4 is pretty accurate.

In no particular order.

The good:
  1. I have to say I like this type of cotton material in place of canvased cotton. The latter IME and from what I've seen is too structured yet does not provide the shape and drape like wool. I would not describe the Everlane jacket as jersey cotton i.e. something alone the lines of Wings+Horns sweats, it has a thick and courser hand. It is stiffer, prone to wrinkles setting in as can be seen if you ordered a jacket and unpackage it.
  2. The jacket is pretty thick. While I walked outside with it on a gust of wind blew my direction and surprisingly my back did not get chilly nor my arms.
  3. Versatility (see later comments)

The bad:
  1. I am not a fan of three patch pockets. I wish the chest was welted. For some this may make it too casual, hence, limit its wear
  2. The lapel is nice but toward the end it feels a little thin. As a result it feels and looks a bit flimsy. And because it is cotton it does not drape well but sits lifelessly. From the top of the lapel to the bottom, the thickness does not feel consistent
  3. The jacket is slim in that the waist is shaped close to your body. It is very apparent if you button it up. Because of this it may not fit some body types i.e. wide hips.
  4. Jacket is not particularly long, but it is a more casual blazer. Just thought I'd note it
  5. No vents. Just thought I'd note it
  6. This did give me the impression that a place like Land's End would carry the same jacket. If you are picking up this jacket I think Everlane is banking on the idea of a knit blazer, which is prevalent nowadays (see later comments)

I am leaning towards keeping this as my overall impression is I can throw this on while getting work done on weekends, or wear it to the office. For the latter, what I'd recommend is an OCBD rather than a spread collar. I would never wear this with a tie. If I am not wearing a suit but an odd jacket all day (or cardigan, sweater), a softer fabric is what I'd reach for with less structure, and this jacket fills the void. I want to wear this to replace cardigans as I feel the lapel shapes my head and neckline better than a cardigan unless it is a shawl collar IMO. Too many plain v-neck collar cardigans that I am not a fan of as a standalone, but could look great layered. On that note, the size I ordered probably would not offer enough room for a layer. I can just wear a shirt/tee underneath. FWIW, my intentions was to wear this to work in lieu of cardigans or sweaters.

I felt like I was wearing a hoodie, and thought what a great alternative this is (I tried it on while wearing tapered sweat pants and tee).

I'd imagine this jacket fitting great for those who may have a huge drop and slimmer legs.

The selling point for me was that this was at least 100% cotton. Uniqlo is putting out a lot of poly blend odd jackets, which after seeing in person and feeling was rather disappointing. More so, their cut and style e.g. buttoning point is not at all flattering. To add, the polyester blend lends itself to the jacket looking more structured (note the shoulders). I think this cotton knit blazer from Everlane is both structured and relax, a good medium between the two silhouettes. In contrast, you can find tons of designers putting out similar jackets nowadays and one prime example is Barena. Barena would be a better choice seeing how it is composed of mostly wool, has more styles e.g. pocket variations, buttoning points, vented, and still maintains the similar cut i.e. slim and cropped for a more casual look. You can also find tons of jackets on Yoox that fit these exact specifications... though keep in mind the various price points respective to your jacket of choice.

Comment 1 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Follow up review, with one wear 8+ hours at work...

This slim knit jacket does not wear well... sorry to say. The fabric at the hem of the jacket (quarters) does is very thin and curls in a way that causes the hem to curve rather than stay straight. Otherwise, would be a nice jacket. Jacket is also less generous and more on the slim side when button up. I don't have much of a drop FWIW...

Everlane had good intentions but I think this is a miss.

As full disclosure, I wore this knit jacket as a knit. Hence, I did not take it off while seated. This may cause a lot more wear in comparison to taking off my jacket, which I'd do typically if the jacket was more structured. Overall, the hem is not wearing well...

Comment 2 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) (Welt pocket)

Another thing to note is that the overall jacket is not bad. The sleeves are fine (I rolled mine up 1.5" to show some cuff), the chest a little big but its a knit, and lapel stays down with a good buttoning point. Its just the hem has no structure at all.

Personally, I love to wear my tops open but surprisingly this jacket looks better buttoned.

If you wear the jacket out you will notice how the hem curls and rumples from the side profile. If you take a front profile shot it looks normal...

Everlane Slim Knit Blazer Review: Part 2

After wearing the jacket out for a full day (and I still have it on), I decided to defer this to casual wear/lounge wear, which I think was really the whole point. I think I was banking on this jacket being a workhorse, but it turned out much differently to my disappoint.

As mentioned in my comments above, the hem is really the problem. If you take a close look at the "Military" slim blazer profile page and view photo 5, notice the hem. There is some rippling. It is even more apparent when worn. Albeit to say, IME this jacket looks nice hung up, feels comfortable worn, but is not the most form fitting or provide the nicest drape (silhouette). This jacket is best at 'home' with a tee and lounge pants i.e. sweats (now here's a thought, Everlane puts up some sweat pants sans ribbed hem. Will look super easy with the jacket on. IMO ribbed hem gives the bottom too much a sport vibe, which the jacket is not IMO).

I feel pretty comfortable wearing this at home in lieu of a hoodie. If this was available 3-4 years ago, I'd probably wear this at a house party drinking and hungover the next morning to go grab food, and still look like somebody...

That said, I decided to return the gray version (TBH I'd return the navy, too, but it is already worn in). Do I think it is worth the $100? No. Do I have buyer remorse? Yes. But I don't blame the product itself, just a lack of experience on my part (doh!) as I did not necessarily need this. Is it nice to have? Sure. Note, if you are a more CM (Classic Menswear) type guy, not sure what hole in the wardrobe this jacket will fill for you. On this forum, I can see this jacket fairing much better on the SW&D end.

And some measurements (item lied flat):

Size medium --
p2p: 20"
Waist: 17.5"
Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5"
Length from back of collar: 27.5"
Sleeve length (from shoulder seam): 26"
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Will the tees shrink? Just got a few and I'm loving the color and material, but am hoping they'll shrink a quarter-size or half-size after a hot wash and hot dry. Any experience?
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I already own their OCBD in 4 different colors and recently decided to pick up the Oxblood colored one. The fit is the same as all the others but the material is very different. It's a thicker, stiffer material that is nowhere near as soft as their other OCBDs. I'd recommend staying away from this one.
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what's their return address? I know they do free returns but i rather ship it by Fed Ex.
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Just got the (newer) tees in olive, light grey and antique, plus a re-stock of the navy. Really disappointed. The collars on the newer tees are asymmetrical, all the shirts still have problems with the bottom and sleeve hems folding up. And the shirts don't have the lightweight smooth fabric like the ones I bought a couple years back. There's just no reason for me to continue purchasing their shirts. What do I expect for a $15 t-shirt? Something that competes decently with the range of other $15 t-shirts. A bit a pity.

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I totally agree with @gettoasty's assessment of the jacket. I bought one to try on, and i promptly returned it because of the issue with the hem. The piece is somewhat reminiscent of the Uniqlo milano jacket from a couple of seasons ago, but the Uniqlo jacket has a bound hem that gives it cleaner lines and prevents the rippling effect that toasty noted.
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u-neck making a comeback anytime soon?
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couldn't make my way through the entire thread, so - what is the general consensus on the slim fit oxford shirts? looking to step up from my uniqlo numbers (if it is indeed a step up?).
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I would stick with uniqlo until your ready to make a larger upgrade.  I tried the military shirt, and while I returned it for the fit (too tight in the shoulders), I wasn't really impressed with the thin fabric. If they were $10-$20 cheaper they might be worth it.


If you do decide to try one, beware that you might need to size up one from your uniqlo size.  

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Backpacks are up forr early access but they are all snap ones. I emailed everlane if they would come out with any zip ones and they said spring but it doesnt seem like it anymore. I would love a zip backpack in the colors they are offering now.
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Got some Everlane gear in the mail today and not too pleased--I feel like I gotta rant. I was duped by their hyped "internet start-up tries to shake up the fashion industry" image. In fact, Everlane was created to solve a problem that doesn't actually exist. Their marketing strategy was a straw man. There are a ton of brands that do cheap, mediocre-quality basics like Uniqlo, H&M, Lands End, J Crew, Club Monaco, etc etc. Their clothes feel and look cheap like the mall brands, yet the design and fit is worse---kinda like banana republic (ie. late-adopting accountant). I wouldn't be complaining as much if their prices were truly undercutting the traditional retail biz...but $65 bucks for a mediocre hoody designed by some silicon valley techy with no taste? I'd rather pay $130 for a better designed piece that will last me 10 years.

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For me, it's the fact if I were to order from their website, after you include tax, shipping and duties, the price of a shirt comes out to over $80. At that price, I might as well just go to J Crew or Club Monaco. At least they occasionally go on sale.
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Should I even ask about the zip wallet?
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Originally Posted by pembrook View Post

designed by some silicon valley techy with no taste

yup. i hate to be harsh, but their poor patternmaking has been my gripe for a while. keeping up with everlane over the past two years has been like watching a bunch of people learn how to make clothes
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