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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post

Our production team is sourcing new fabric and another factory. We're hoping to bring it back in the spring.
You should be receiving the new fit.


Can I ask... when is this coming back?

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Dear Everlane:

Never stop making the muted black tees. The fabric might be my favorite thing you do. That is all.
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+1. I was a little worried when I looked on the site and it shows as black but when you go on to the item page it shows muted black.
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anyone know the price of the new card holder? been wanting to get one for a long time and seen all these brands but im def gonna get the everlane one because i know it will look good and be of great quality
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Kinda disappointed with the wallets, I was hoping there would be a big stamp on it that said "WALLET"

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Received the new t-shirts today in antique, pine, and stone. I really like the new fit. All the colors seemed a little different from what my monitor showed, could be because the color balance is off.


Antique is a grayish blue, hints of green.

Pine is dark green, grayish.

Stone was a lot darker than I expected, kind of a grayish light brown.


Quick bathroom pick. Size L, 6'5", 210 lbs. I never wear t-shirts as loose as the model on the website shows. XL would be way too baggy and long on me.


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I would size up.
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I wouldn't... just tug on it a little it will fit just fine
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Ordered the Rhum belt and the bordeaux oxford

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Is the "Home Try On" similar to what Warby Parker does? It sounds interesting - I feel like it would be really useful. A lot of the hesitations I have about ordering from Everlane are regarding fit since the t-shirts fit so strangely on me the last time I ordered.
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Do the regular tees fit any differently than the pocket tees? The pocket tees lenght are a little too long for me.
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I love Everlane tees, but at the same time I hate them... The fit between different colors is so drastic it's a gamble every time I order something. Muted black and pine tees fit great, previous tees fit a lot looser in the body and sleeves.

Is there anyway to get actual measurements before ordering more tees? I've ended up with 50/50 of tees I really like the fit on and tees I kinda just settled on instead of returning (what I should have done).


Decided to be more positive about my post. Muted black tees are awesome. I wish all of the other colors fit like it. Pine is pretty close I think.

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Can we get backpacks without faces on them?
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how many total slots will the card holder have? i see two on one side, the middle, any on the other side? i hope so!
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You guys need to start using less creepy people to model your clothes.

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