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From WAYWT. Arms are covering the sides but the shirt does in fact flare out at the waist. 

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Inconsistency between the white and slate U neck. The collar on the slate is slightly thinner and hangs deeper than the white. I'm 6 ft, 170, 32" true waist.

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uhh, they sent you a girl's shirt? 

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lol wow
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are you sure you didn't order a white crew neck instead? the collars are supposed to be thinner on the u-neck
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Yes, I'm sure. I got a black one also and the collar is the same as the slate.
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Got my u-necks today as well. They fit like trapese shirts for men, just a ridiculously unbalanced cut. Way too much volume in the torso compared to the chest.

So disappointed. Was excited to have found a cheap source of good quality u-necks, but it turns out Everlane won't be that source. Booo
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I too am disappointed with the fit of the U necks, I knew they would be more "relaxed" than the crew necks, but these just don't lay well, especially towards the bottom as everybody else is mentioning. They do feel like a female fit.

Its also not awesome that I am being charged a restocking fee for products that were ordered on the first day of release. I'm hoping that I can exchange for a smaller size to see how they fit, but it looks like they are already out of stock on some sizes.

I'm hoping Everlane can sort this one out, because I've been looking for good U necks (that are not too feminne looking) to add to the normal rotation.
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Yeah, U necks were pretty poor. At least they felt nice.
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Dude the fabric was amazing. These were such a wasted opportunity.
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Dunno, I might just try to alter these myself so that they fit better. 

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Dude the fabric was amazing. These were such a wasted opportunity.

yeah, if they get the cut sorted out (wider neck, no weird reverse taper) then i'd totally be there.

scoop neck? eh?

Originally Posted by Diglet View Post

Dunno, I might just try to alter these myself so that they fit better. 

even if the body fit fine the neck width was a bit disappointing. kinda seemed like the ideal cut for their crew neck, not really a u neck.
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As a girl that's bottom heavy the u-neck is my favorite cut. Really balances me out.


To the Everlane guy that posts in here I would say be careful with your rayon based fabrics. My french terry shirts and ryan tee are already starting to pill really bad. I got all the colors of the terry and they all started to pill after a wash or two, which sort of sucks after dropping $200. No dryer and ran on gentle in the wash. =/

Also would love a color that isn't blue or gray based. Reds and browns for fall please? Brighter colors for summer?

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When is the next restock of men's crew shirts?

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I bought an Everlane Snap backpack maybe 10 months ago now, I wear it almost every day and it's holding up GREAT.
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