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I picked up a white pocket tee about 6 months ago that is more natural/off white than optic white. I really like it. I want to get some more but what shade is the current white? Is it like the old ones or is it a more a bright optic white?
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I recently bought a white shirt and it's probably a similar shade to yours. Not quite as white as a white dress shirt or undershirt.

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Who can proxy a burgundy weekender to Europe?

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Caltex, nice guy

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Just wanted to give my 2-cents on Everlane T-Shirts since I used this site for reference.

Me: 5'11.5", 165lbs, Normal to Athletic build.

Everlane Shirt: V-Neck Dusk in Medium
I'm not sure if this has a different fit than older/newer Everlane Tee's, I think I read that somewhere that they fit has changed.

Fit/Feel (before wash):
It's too long and feels like it flares out (similar complaint about the Everlane oxfords)
The chest area is a little tight for me.
The shoulders and sleeves fit great.
The shirt seems to fall back on me, meaning the v neck gets closer to my neck instead of sitting comfortably on my shoulders.
Material feels nice, color is spot on... thick enough and soft enough for me... and will supposedly get softer with each wash.

For reference:
A J.Crew Medium Slim Fit V-Neck

The J.Crew has shorter/tighter sleeves and overall length. The chest is a little looser on the J.Crew as well. Overall I'll stick with the J.Crew slim for V-Necks.

Side Note:
The Everlane shirt says "Wash Cold," but I'm tempted to wash it in warm/hot water hoping to shrink it in length, but not in width... anyone try this yet? I think most shirts shrink lengthwise more so that width.

Thanks. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Nothing is free

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I ordered a couple of medium black tees back in January and they are significantly shorter than all the other tees I have gotten from everlane over the past year. There does seem to be a lot of variation, but it was getting consistent for a while. Anyone know if they shortened the design?

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I really like the sizing and fit of the Everlane pocket t's but after two washes the pocket is already starting to come off. It pains me to say it but I'll probably stick with J crew slim or other in the future.
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I continue to wonder how so many shirts falling apart. I've had no issues with mine.
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FYI, fellas - I accidentally ran my black French Terry through the dryer after washing it the other day and it didn't really shrink at all.

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Same here. I never had any problems. Contact everlane and they will make it right.
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Originally Posted by Dirty Gurty View Post

FYI, fellas - I accidentally ran my black French Terry through the dryer after washing it the other day and it didn't really shrink at all.

I do this semi-regularly, actually. I do turn it inside out so the terry loops don't get messed up.
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Just got a navy oxford in medium. Definitely nicer than the Uniqlo oxford, and it has a slight grey tinge to it (which I like) instead of being a straight-up navy. Sleeves are plenty long, nice buttons, still made in the USA. The fit actually doesn't seem that different from the older iteration I purchased a while back. It still flares out at the bottom something awful, but I'm going to get it tailored anyway, so it's not like it really matters. I also ordered one in green. Once it shows up, I'll run both through the washer and drier, then take them to the tailor to have the body either tapered or darted.
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