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Here is a pic of my everlane french terry sweaters. For anyone interested these are all sized small and each from a different 'batch', I believe. The black one is an original, when it was first released in black and red. the blue one is from the second 'batch' and the merlot is from the new slimmer fitting 'batch'.


definitely the new slimmer fitting merlot is my fave. slimmer fitting than the blue second 'batch' sweater but still a relaxed fit like advertised. the original black one I have fits like an extra small and is quite tight so I cant really wear it. Once canada shipping comes I'll definitely pick up one of the new black ones for an improved fit.


I wanted to post this incase anyone who ordered one of the original french terrys was disappointed with the fit, like I was and had reservations on the new ones. Also I think this picture shows the progress everlane make with their products with the noticeable size differences between the sweaters.

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Originally Posted by Crump's Brother View Post

some pics of my terry sweatshirt i just got the other day which would be the new cut nan mentioned...not sure why the pics came out so grainy

Because it's dark, so your camera set a high ISO.

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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post

We have a lot of stuff in the works - I think boxers will be up first.

Any update on this?

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Anybody with the french terry - how do you feel about it?  

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It's ok, fit and quality are reasonable for the price. The only problem I have with them are that since the design is inside out they don't provide any warmth at all. I actually feel colder wearing them a lot of the times. And I mostly wear them for lounging in nowadays so that's a no bueno.
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Have a black french terry. Think mine is fairly warm. Fits me great. Think it was from the first batch of this year. Think some of the threads here and there have caught and are pulling a little, but it's not bad. Has held up to several washes and a couple accidental trips through the dryer. Not much color fading either, which is cool. Got one in a different color for my dad too, and he liked it. Did think originally that it would be softer, like the tees or something. I got my girlfriend one of the women's sweatshirts in the mustard color, and hers is softer than mine, probably because (I think...) hers isn't 100% cotton. Overall, I like it and wear it pretty often.

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I'm thinking about buying a new tote, but I don't want it to look too feminine. Any suggestions on colors?

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Just got the latest iteration of the French Terry in black and eggshell, the fit is great, absolutely spot-on! I also have the 2nd version in merlot and I had to shrink that a bit in the dryer cuz it was kinda too wide but they've done a nice job of slimming them down. 

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Wish the Emerald cashmere wasn't in such short supply.

This is a long shot but.....anyone have a emerald cardigan in small, they might consider selling. PM me..
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I thought the shirts were good - on par with the j crew worn in etc as a cheap basic. Had to return the smalls I got though because it was a little too form fitting unless I wanted as an undershirt.
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Are they still doing the free exchange thing if sizing isn't right?
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Wtf everlane, this is happening to two of the shirts I bought last month. Is anyone else having this problem?
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

Wtf everlane, this is happening to two of the shirts I bought last month. Is anyone else having this problem?


Yeah, on a couple of the crew neck tees (black and slate), the collar has been rolling up on me like that. It hasn't been happening at all on the tees I have in merlot and forest.

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Crowd Source Everlane To Canada:


I am contributor 134. 


Contributed $60 in exchange for $65 Everlane Credit, a Free Tshirt, and Free one time shipping to Canada. I'll take it!

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