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Please don't make the sleeves any shorter. peepwall[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Crump's Brother View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
some pics of my terry sweatshirt i just got the other day which would be the new cut nan mentioned...not sure why the pics came out so grainy

not enough people post pics of items other than shirts

fit is good...size medium and i'm just under 6' and about 155 lb.

interested in seeing pics of the cashmere beanie worn...they don't show it worn on

Does your deck oversee the area or your backyard?
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^the area

We can see the next town over and the river that divides us
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New fit on OCBD, more info please, measurements?
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

New fit on OCBD, more info please, measurements?

2nd that! 

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Ordered a smoke in medium...lets see how slim these are. uhoh.gif
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ooooh new terry looks really nice!

for a pretty standard 46 at around 6' a small should fit well right?

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I'm around a 47 at 5'10 155lbs and I wear a medium, in both the old and new terry. i think a small would be a little too short in length for you.

I usually wear an oxford or heavy tee under so a medium would probably be better anyway by providing some extra space.
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new fit sounds like what I want.....but big sizes are already gone in the white oxford frown.gif

I've got both the M and L in my waitlist. Hopefully I catch them both in stock. Opened up chest sounds like it might make the medium work perfect from me (99% of the time, my problem with a shirt is that the top buttons pull) but I fear the length will be too short in the sleeves and/or body.
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thanks for the info ipractice, you wouldn't happen to have any pictures of you wearing one of the new ones? smile.gif

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Hey guys

Have a few questions if someone can help me out with....

I've been looking at ordering some white tees at everlane but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on them? Are they thin? It's hard finding a white tee that isn't so see through. Also, how are the sweatshirts? I saw the update version in an email. How do they hold up to something like ReigningChamp? Thanks in advance!


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Any physical measurements of the garments? I wear a small in basically anything uniqlo. The last French terry I got in small fit relaxed even after hot washing. Should we size up?
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Measurements of the new Terry would be great. I'm 6'2/3 165 lbs....would probably have to order a medium and get it taken in. Just want to be sure.
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I have feeling that most people will size the same. The shirt/sweater is just going to fit better lol.

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How those OCBDs fitting after coming out of the dryer? Still tts?
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