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I don't know anything about the business behind what you guys are doing. However, if I was you, I would focus more on your accessories than shirts and sweaters.
There are many options for super cheap slim fit tees and sweaters. H&M and Target can offer slim fit cotton tees for less than $10 or half that on the clearance rack. Right now there are a bunch of slim fit sweaters on the J Crew, BR, and Gap clearance racks for less than $20.

You also have the problem of your tees being perfect for half this thread and unwearable for other half. You will have the same problem with sweaters. I for one will never be able to buy a sweater or long sleeve item from you. My arms are too long. I would need a medium tall which you guys couldn't offer.

The reason the backpacks sold out so fast was because nobody was offering anything like it for $50. Nobody is making made in New York ties for $35 or MIU tote bags for $30. I would focus on stuff like this.
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Originally Posted by Samir View Post

Haven't really seen any stretching or shrinking of my v-necks (S, XS), seems to have stayed pretty similar through a number of laundry cycles.

same. gonna wait til the sweater sale til I put another order in for some shirts. restock by then hopefully
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How much will the sweatshirts be when they drop? Thanks for the awesome website also.

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Definitely +1 on the henley request.
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+1 on my own request for canvas / leather messengers. laugh.gif Seriously though, would be more handy than a tote I think.
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+1... International shipping! x_x

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+20 on the henleys.
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Let's just make a list of all the basics that we want from Everlane lol:

-messenger bag
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-a tapered t-shirt.
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Just make tshirts, keep the price low and don't go belly up.
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x2 on the tanks
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ok here is wat u need 2do lol

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lol at all the armchair management consultants in this thread. hey guys i'm bored at work, here's some advice for how to improve a company whose internal workings i know nothing about! awesome!
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post

Just make tshirts, keep the price low and don't go belly up.

This.....don't pull an american apparel.
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...why not? that was the best campaign if you ask some of the girls i know.
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