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Thanks so much for the presale. Got a snap backpack. A Ryan tank and tee for the female as well as another crew neck. Also pre-ordered a couple darker colored v necks for myself. This should hold me off til the fall colors are released. Am actually rocking the orange watercolor today, three delicate cycle washes and hung dry later still fits and looks great.
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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post

The 3 colors for this run are medium blue, red and charcoal. The medium blue is a little darker than in the image, but not a true navy.
They will fit a 15.6 inch notebook like the MBP. We will have shipping to Canada up in September.

AWESOME NEWS!! Will we have the same promo as US? Like 50$ + and we get free shipping too?
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Jcrew slim fit broken in tee is good but the sleeves are too tight

The best fitting t-shirt I have is the 100% Soft Cotton that Uniqlo used to have two years ago, and a close second would be the Jcrew Slim fit broken tee. The sleeves are pretty good, especially for my twig sized arms haha.

I think if the chest on Everlane's tees would be a tad looser, it would be pretty good too! If they slim the arm, even better.
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So in the banner of the backpack secret shop, I see two packs that resemble the one's currently available. So is the banner showing the true colors of the packs?
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New backpacks look great. I like the darker leather trim, and a padded laptop sleeve makes a lot of sense for me. I'd use the water bottle pocket as well.


Unfortunately, I don't really need one because the original backpack is working so well. It looks great, get a lot of compliments, and it's suited fine for what I do. Even without padding, the sleeve works fine. Maybe someone on here would be interested in buying my old one - grey snap version - for $50 (I'd eat the shipping cost) since it lacks the water bottle pocket and would be $15 cheaper?


Otherwise, can't really justify the $65. I guess that's a testament to the construction of the "old" ones - I'm sure the new ones are at least as good, so y'all should definitely kop!


Nan, is there a tentative date for the official launch of the backpacks to the rest of people? Curious to know how much time I can wait before the general public picks them up in a span of hours, haha.

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Anyone who wants to sell their old zip backpacks in any of the colors (navy, olive or grey) PM me!
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I would be interested in buying the original grey snap backpack if anyone has one in nice condition
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Backpacks... drool.gif


So, if it rains, my stuff won't get wet?  Or would water drip through the zippers?


Do the backpacks have laptop sleeves, like other people seem to be hinting at?


Do you have any larger sizes coming?

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Backpacks aren't water proof. I wore it in the rain once and contents did get wet.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Backpacks aren't water proof. I wore it in the rain once and contents did get wet.

The new ones say waterproof lining so they might have went with a different fabric. Still, my original one has gone through a few downpours with nothing getting wet.
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Just ordered a gray snap backpack! The gray was an obvious choice for me over blue and red (I prefer a neutral color backpack), but I would have opted for the olive color from the original run had it been an option. No complaints though, the gray looks good in the pic. Looking forward to receiving it and breaking it in this fall. Thanks for the pre-sale, Nan!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Wooo my 2 watercolor pocket tee's ordered on 6-25 were finally shipped today according to the My Account page. Can't wait to finally get them.  I hope they fit similar to the previous run of blue pocket tee has become my favorite tee shirt...fits great.


Nan, were there any production changes to the small watercolor pocket tee's in this run???

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Wearing my blue watercolor v neck today and noticed the shoulder seam is's a bummer especially since I wash them on delicate and hang dry them.
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still waiting for you guys to put out a normal width belt.
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^ The one they sold as the "at-cost" belt was a fairly normal width. I think they're supposed to start selling it again at some point for around $40 or $45 (although I could just being making that price up). I managed to get one during the at-cost flash sale, and I like it and wear it pretty regularly.
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ordered a few women tees, will post her reaction
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