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Casual buttondown shirt: tucked or untucked?

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Okay, i got this casual buttondown long-sleeve shirt from GAP, and i was wondering if it should be worn buttoned or unbuttoned with jeans... Also, is it just me, or does the outfit look less 'messy' when i roll up my sleeves? Anyways, here's some pics of the outfit and the shirt: Untucked, rolled sleeves Tucked In Untucked Thanks...
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I wear most of my shirts untucked mainly because I am lazy and it is more comfortable.  I also think tucked in looks more formal and is better if you are going to work or out to eat as opposed to going to a bar/club.  As for rolling the sleeves up, I don't think it looks bad and can add kind of a nice casual look, just don't roll the shirt up all the way to your biceps.  I think 2-3 rolls to about mid-forearm level looks the best.  Also, if you do leave the sleeves all the way down, I would definitely button them. Doing otherwise looks sloppy to me. Just my $.02. Kevin
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Light striped shirts should always be worn untucked with light rinsed jeans, tucked in with dark jeans, with the sleeves rolled up until the elbow is just visible, usually 2.5 turns of the cuff. j/k. Seriously, don't be too fussy about it, IMHO with jeans it's personal preference. Most people don't/can't wear jeans to work anyway. Try it untucked/tucked a few times and see what you like.
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It looks best untucked. However, don't roll up the sleeves that high; as you had them in the last picture is cool too. With this type of shirt, you'll look too fussy and neat if you keep it tucked in, or have the sleeves buttoned. Another tip would be to leave the top two buttons undone, a thing I always do.
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I don't want to sound like I'm meaning to rain on your parade or anything, but I think that shirt might be a size or two too large for you. I can't really tell due to the absence of relative objects in the room, but you look like a slender guy. Maybe you could go to the store and try a small, if it isn't already a small, or an x-small if it is. I know the Gap doesn't exactly cut their clothes on the slim side, but it looks like it could even be a bit snugger around the shoulders.
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Hmm, you think its a bit big??? Its already a small.. ill go to gap tomorrow, see how a X-Small fits... Thanks, i wore it untucked today with sleeves rolled just below my elbow, lookin good
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One thing that hasn't been mentioned,is that some casual shirts are designed to be worn either tucked in or worn out; that is,the bottom of the shirt is squared off,all the same length,so that it doesn't look sloppy if worn untucked. If worn untucked,and the back of the shirt is longer than the front,you'll end up looking slovenly,rather than sharp.
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If you want my two cents you should wear the shirt untucked and either leave the sleeves unrolled and unbuttoned or roll the sleeves back once.
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that's actually a casual look i do a lot, and i would roll the sleeves up maybe 2/3 up the forearm (not above the elbow), leave the shirt untucked, and open up the second button if you've been doing bench presses.. heh. to me, rolling the sleeves up above the elbow seems hyper-trendy, and that's just a pet peeve of mine, hence the preference.
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