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Thrift stores

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I am curious, how do pieces from high end designers make their way to thrift stroes?
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People donate them. Peace, JG
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A lot of times you can get a really good tax deduction by donating (depending on the store.) I think that is the main motivation.
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When I was in San Francisco last summer, they had high-end resale shops. These were classy operations, they didn't even accept Abercrombie and Fitch or Gap, I think the lowest-priced line they had was Banana Republic. You paid more, $20 or more for a shirt and $30 for pants, but they had tons of great lines - Diesel, Armani, YSL, RL purple label, Zegna...I got a great Armani Black Label dress shirt for like $25 or something, great deal. The reason they charged more is that people sold their clothing to these places rather than donated it.
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