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Fabric dying

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I have this off black knit shirt that I want to dye black. Has anyone ever tried anything like this before?
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I have this off black knit shirt that I want to dye black.  Has anyone ever tried anything like this before?
I was just about to ask this question. I have an Armani Borgonuovo dress shirt that started out black but faded to a really dark navy, and has also a bit of a matte finish. Is there any way to re-dye it? Would it give it the original look back? I'd imagine if it's possible, you could use Rit dye, available at any grocery store or Kmart/Target/Wal Mart. I think I'll give it a shot on a cheap shirt first.
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I tried re-dying a pair of black "SWAT Team" pants that had gotten dryer-faded in places. (Always turn black stuff inside out before throwing it in the dryer.) I used Rit in a huge pot on my stove. It worked okay, but I think I didn't use enough dye. The main problem with doing this is that you have to set the dye and then wash the item a zillion times before it stops bleeding. At least in my case that was true. I would suggest looking into the better commercial dyes that are not available at the drugstore. You can get them online and I have a feeling they will do a better job. The downside is they are more dangerous or harder to work with, etc. If you want to dye something black, look it up on Yahoo or whatever. I found a page for goths devoted to how to dye stuff black and it had good tips for all kinds of fabric.
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I once had a near-dying experience in which I wanted to dye some white cotton handkerchiefs light blue. But I didn't. I've dyed a grosgrain (cotton, I think, maybe silk) ribbon black without a problem. But then I don't wash it, so....
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