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Originally Posted by javyn View Post

They left out a comma after eating.

and forgot to mention that the Marine is also eating and breathing. He may also be smiling, that's hard to say.
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Shit like this makes me want to blow my fucking brains out. re: Rick Santorum dropping out of the race...
I'm F'n Pissed! The establishment and the media won today - America lost.

Half of this country has not voted in this Republican primary. Since Rick stepped out of the race today - I'm forced to support Rommeny???

Grrrrrr half the country's republican have not had their voice heard. And now we are faced with Rommeny or Obama - WOW!!! One I don't trust will do right for the people --- the other if re-elected will be unleash to finish off destroying the Great Evil Capitalist American Empire.

Thank you for falling back to sleep and poking your own eyes out - for the sake of making "history". Get ready -- you had the hope. Now get ready for the change. Hint -- if the healtcare bill remains in tacked then don't look to the Whitehouse for the chances - look to the streets. This person want to divided this house ( country ). He and his buddies will use Race to do it. So keep your eyes open if you still can see for yourself.

I will now go quiet on this matter. My time is done. If you don't see the writing on the wall - then I can only pray that when the axe & hammer comes your fear will sharpen your witts and you will remember all annoying facebook posts.

I pray that you are sharp enough and you can gather yourselves quick enough by that time - so you may save yourself and your families from the horror you will see in your days and in this land.

For me and mine - I pray God will hide us in Eygpt until it's our time to return. Has he called the Christians out of Jersulam 3 days before the Roman's saked the city. Has she called out the 8 member's of lot's family from Sodom, As he called those out of Germany before the slaughter came. God is good - and he always calls you - like he did Noah to build build build - because the rain came. There is destruction of some scale coming -- again I pray you hear and see it before you get consumed in it's flames.

In my college days my heart was pressed to pray that my spirit would be like Joseph ( Jesus's stepdad ). That if the day would come on a small or large scale - that I would hear God say Get up and Go! I would pray that I'd have the faith and sensitively to move quickly and go.

Study the history of Tyrants. Study would a small group of immoral control-freaks take over a people. And you will see we are living in such a time.

This will be my last post. If you see something and wish you talk about it with me - we can do so via messages. I'm sure I will have no interested chats.

I maybe crazy - though I see things clear and I have history to put into context the actions, ideas and WORDS of those involved.

If you are interested in doing your own study ... look into the following:
Progressivism ( founding and the major players ), Fabian Socialist, Raise of Stalin, Moa, Castro, Hugo Chevez and Hilter. Look into the history of the Weather Underground and where those members are today, look into the Muslim Brotherhood. Look into Sure Bank, Chicago. Look into the parental history of Bill Ares and Valarie Jarret. Look into the past and present action of people like George Soros and Van Jones. Look up people like Joel Rogers, Maurice Strong and the Chicago Climate Exchange. Look into the ideas of Mark Lloyd, Cass Sunstien. Understand the idea of "Nudge" form Cass Sunstien - it's in his book Nudge. Also study the patterns of Nudge -> Shove, Shoot. Study those countries who have controlled food and those who have starved their people. What was there thinking? look into the idea and history of Anti-Colonialism ( especially the history of places like Kenya ). Look into the history, ideas / plans and techniques of people like Saul Alinsky, Cloward & Piven. Then you will see the problem we are facing.

To survive these things : Study people like, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gandhi, MLK Jr. also study the true history -- meaning original sources if at all possible. Or at least books heavily footnoted with original sources. ) Also for those who have a deep and living faith in God - read your family history ( scriptures ) and see how the Jews gained and lost their freedom time and time again.

These issue are not new. It's part of history -- it's part of being human. Learn - don't be afraid - just be awake and either smart enough or faithful enough to move out of the way of life's waves. You have a choice ... Surf on top - or be crushed under it's momentum.

And then this:
sure Rommeny is a great person! He seems to have a great family and seems to treat his staff with respect.

A great president has to be a great person AND has to believe in the people he SERVES.

We don't need a savior -- we need some one who will work to remove the yoke of uncertainty from the economy and the yoke of the Serf from the next of the people.

Show me where Rommeny has radically reduced the governments influence in the lives of the people? Where has he defended the people on the bailouts, healthcare or climate control???

He's a great person but can he lead us?? How can you lead a people when the just don't trust you? How can you lead a people when the people want you to lead them.

I am not happy with Rommeny -- but with him we do have a much better chance at resetting our great country.

The question is How Can he to win???? Lots and lots and lots of prayer and organization
meaning the people are going to have to get engaged beyond their comfort zone. The next question is are the people --- are you ready,willing and able to get out in the streets a cause Rommeny to win??? I fear not.
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Probably for the best that person hasn't had a chance to vote yet.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Probably for the best that person hasn't had a chance to vote yet.

Rommeny needs more people like him on his side.
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Something is really wrong with a person that would eat canned chicken. Especially a whole one.
If I was still on FB I would pwn this whole thread with ease. I have "Moorish" people on my list, they alone are the craziest mofos on earth.
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I bought one out of morbid curiosity a few months ago...some foul shit!! hahaha....puns.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post

I bought one out of morbid curiosity a few months ago...some foul shit!! hahaha....puns.

Did you eat it?
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I want to say yes, but honestly, I didn't have the balls to even taste it. Look and smell were bad enough.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post


lol wut uhoh.gif


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^ do you like it, the canned chicken?
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If you live in America, congratulations on living in "The Land of the Free". We have absolute freedom in this country to believe what we are told to believe and to do what we are told to do. Your government is in control, ladies and gentlemen. Have no fear and feel safe and secure in your daily lives, because your government is in control. We now return you to season 11 of American Idol.
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