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Stupid political crap your friends post on facebook. - Page 252

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Ugh. I actually read through it.

Slide 22 says:
Unz says he’s pushing the wage hike because too many minimum wage workers are forced to rely on government subsidies. This burden, he argues, should be shouldered by employers, not by taxpayers.

Slide 23:
He also predicts that a minimum wage hike would actually be a form of stimulus, as low-income workers are the most likely to quickly spend any additional income they make, pumping money back into the economy.

So let's think about this. In slide 22 folks are getting government subsidies. These subsidies are of course in the form of transfer payments (to purchase goods) and services, such as Section 8 housing (pays the landlord), etc. Slide 22 ends stating employers should bear these burdens, i.e. pay more money so the worker gets no government subsidy. Slide 23 then states, "HEY! This is actually a stimulus." No, numb nuts, Slide 22 and Slide 23 basically zero out and a non-trivial amount of those folks will work less because they want their subsidies back (which is completely rational on their part).
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This is a really, really powerful explanation of why sexual harassment in higher ed is so very damaging and why anyone and everyone that is part of higher ed has a responsibility to help end it. It definitely clued me in again to how privileged I am, in some ways, as a cisgender male.


the "in some ways" is likely a reference to the fact that the poster is a little person (for real).
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More or less how I feel. Obamacare is doing great things to help people get coverage, but it is perpetuating a completely nonsensical health insurance system.

Jesus Christ fucktard, ask yourself why the pet insurance is different and maybe you'll have some answers.

This is a guy who worked on the Hill.
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In reference to the tights bans that are getting everyone's, um, panties in a bunch:
This letter is a perfect example of body shaming and excessively sexualizing the female body. Slut shaming can be focused on clothes but also refers shaming someone for the amount of sex or the kind of sex they partake in. "camel toe-inducing pants, a bare midriff, shorty-short shorts" this is society over sexualizing and body policing the bodies of 12-year- old girls. Body policing is the idea that tells girls their bodies are not their own and that they are not capable to decide for themselves what to wear/alter etc. Body shaming is expressing negative attitudes to the bodies of others. This woman's daughter is only 12-years-old for heavenssake! Why does it matter if her "hoo-hah" is more visible through her tight pants? At this point in her life that is just another part of her body and why should we be teaching her any different?
As for the girl who can't fill out her tights and might be embarrassed this is again enforcing the belief that she should in fact be ashamed that her body isn't exactly the same as the other girls. Will she be teased? Maybe but that’s better than her mother telling her that she can't wear something because it doesn't look good enough on her. If she is comfortable that’s all that matters. I think it’s time to teach our daughters that they are not sex objects while teaching them what is professional for later in life.
Speaking of professional what is an example of slut shaming? An example would be shaming the oldest profession with comments like “Just not that kind of professional.” Teaching your daughter to respect herself goes hand in hand with teaching her to love her body. Wearing tight pants is not disrespecting your body, changing your hair is not disrespecting your body, and wearing lots of makeup is not disrespecting your body. It is the freedom to be who you want to be and the right to make decisions for yourself.
Lastly this letter contributes to rape culture by enforcing the belief that instead of teaching our sons not to be distracted by what a girl is wearing that it is the girl's responsibility to cover up and be ashamed of what she has underneath her clothes. ” Women can walk alone across a campus at night, but it's never a good idea. And girls can wear tight T-shirts, but if you don't want to get ogled, maybe you shouldn't.” Why isn’t it a good idea? Because we are teaching our daughters that if she gets raped or ogled it was her fault because she put herself in that situation, not because a rapist raped her. This is rape culture. This is body and slut shamming. This is the world we live in and it is not going to change unless we teach our sons and daughters what is right.
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$7500/year for a plan with a $10k deductible. Thanks, Obamacare!
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^ 12 year-olds should just be allowed to run naked through the street because that's what freedom is all about.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

In reference to the tights bans that are getting everyone's, um, panties in a bunch:

I wonder if she would be equally accepting of these pants.

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I'm conflicted as to whether those pants promote rape culture or whether banning them would be a form of slut shaming.
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Eldridge Cleaver 40 years ago

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I'll stuff her vagina for free.
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That's so stupid ,that is actually great..
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I like the "vote with your lady smarts, not with your lady parts" bit.
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I vote with my man parts. Like, I actually use my penis to push the buttons on the voting machine.
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