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Stupid political crap your friends post on facebook. - Page 231

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I get the whole hunting thing I just don't think a vegetarian diet it the worse of two fates. It's really hard for me personally having lost people I knew personally, as children, due to "safe" home gun ownership.

From posting about the Colorado shooting thinking we should ban guns.
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I think 70% of my FB friends posted the police chief response to Kanye. I get it, but it wasn't "totally awesome OMG!!!!1!"
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What did the police chief say to Conne? I didn't see that yet.
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bend over, this won't hurt a bit.
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Kanye said he risks his life every time he walks on the stage to perform due to his intensity or some other such nonsense. Police Chief responds by conflating the risks the military and police face everyday, when in reality, judging from the Chief's sizable double chin, the only risk to his life he faces is from diabetes and heart disease.
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Oh, so they are both assholes.
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did your autocorrect change kanye to conne?
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^^ Nitwit has trouble getting himself arrested (because he erroneously believes carrying around a can of paint is illegal), which he attributes to white privilege. Then they throw the book at him after he defaces public property, and he attributes it to...uh, him pointing out racism. I guess.

The Atlantic is really letting their standards slip.
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Oh, yeah:
"It seems that there is no limit to the things a white man can do in a Hugo Boss suit, Yves Saint Laurent tie, silk handkerchief with a lion on it for a pocket square, and Cole Haan Wingtip Oxford shoes," Constantino wrote in May 1 blog post.

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That is truly gold.
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Yeah that story is hilarious. what a delusional idiot.
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INcredible. GUy I know that works on the hill put it on facebook earlier in the day. I thought better than to leave a snarky comment
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i can't wait until he violates his probation
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i just realized that the correct term is probation, not parole. obviously i was blinded to the difference by my white privilege.
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I was so proud of my Facebook friends for not falling for that one, but, lo and behold, it has made an appearance.

And it was posted by someone I thought would be smart enough to see how ridiculous it is.

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