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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I keep my lack of belief quiet. My lack of belief is really not something that defines me much so it is no burden. I've found people can handle a statement that you worship the devil better than they can handle the thought you do not believe in a higher power. I enjoy Xmas greatly and distance myself from militant atheists. If your atheism defines you that much you have the same issues as any fundie.

I have a friend like this, and it's intolerable. He's generally a nice guy, but his militant atheism is obnoxious. He has a bunch of quotes on his Facebook, in his email signature, and even magnets on his fridge that all espouse his atheism (and tell everyone how enlightened he is because of it), not to mention his regular sharing of atheist/anti-religious articles on Facebook. Plus, his shelves are full of books about how and why belief is dumb.

I think the popular tendency among believers to portray atheists as substituting their nonbelief for religion is generally unfair, but this guy is exactly why such a label exists. What he doesn't get is that he is basically religious. He may not have a god, but he has a rigid belief structure that leads him to spend his time proselytizing and meditating on what he believes (or doesn't). It's fundamentally the same thing.

I'm not an atheist, but I can see how it's appealing. I've explored it, and it just isn't where my metaphysical philosophy ended up. However, militant, personally-defining atheism is a position I don't understand at all. It reeks of a need to believe in something combined with a burning desire to appear enlightened.
Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Reading the "Letters to the Editor" section of my hometown rag is as good as FB:
Typical arrogant, supercilious, hypernationalistic Canuck.

Is this real? It's so outlandish that I almost have trouble believing it's not from The Onion.
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Originally Posted by MrG View Post

Is this real? It's so outlandish that I almost have trouble believing it's not from The Onion.

All too real and all too common. Here's the link and make sure to enjoy the comments.

Larry Moore · Top Commenter
I was born and raised "CANADIAN" and I only vacation and travel in "CANADA" I am not interrested in having a visa to even visit the united states."i am very proud to be "CANADIAN".

Although, to their credit, many moderating voices jumped in on the comments.
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The smugness of FB is through the roof today. Not sure if I want the SCOTUS to rule in favor so I don't have to hear self-righteous whining or against just to burst their bubbles.

Side note: the only reason I wanted BHO to win in Nov is because I was surrounded by Euros that day and didn't want to be lectured about how "he is doing a good job" or "does this mean America wasn't ready for a Black?"
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Originally Posted by tagutcow View Post

You seem to be confused about a few things:

• Agnosticism does not imply a presumption of atheism. You can be an agnostic theist.

Of course. I don't see where I suggested otherwise. All I'm saying is that it's not mutually distinct from atheism. In other words, I don't think that being an atheist means that you are not agnostic, and I have always found "I'm not an atheist, I'm an agnostic" to be a cop out answer and to show a misunderstanding of the question. Unless you really somehow have no opinion on the subject either way. In which case, why bother talking about it. You should be listening, if anything.
• There are many things we don't believe in that we are not agnostic about, that, in fact, we are quite sure don't exist (see mathematics and logic for things we are certain don't exist.)

Well, maybe. there are limits to every kind of knowledge, though. Either way, that's not really relevant. There are a ton of things that we don't believe in, but have to admit, on some level, MIGHT exist.
• I'm not quite sure what you're saying there at the end. "Agnosticism"- unless qualified otherwise, as it often is- is understood to refer to an agnosticism concerning the monotheistic Capital-'G' God, transcendent Creator of all creation. This entire pop-atheist notion that there is a different flavor of atheism for every conceivable deity is completely misbegotten, and it seems to go hand-in-hand with that horrifically stupid and condescending "We are both atheists, I just go one God further" shibboleth..

But why should YWHW/Allah's existence be so privileged by nonbelievers? Once again, I'm not talking about people who believe in the Abrahamic God, but who are "agnostic" about it. Very few people use the term that way. Almost everyone who calls him or herself "agnostic" IS a nonbeliever. They just think that their lack of certainty is distinct from what they assume is the certainty implied by the term atheist. But they wouldn't have any problem saying that they don't believe in other supernatural beings (well, most of them wouldn't).
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Saying you support civil unions but not gay marriage because "it's just NOT marriage" is like saying you don't mind your daughter marrying a black man as long as he's "one of the good ones". Tolerance is binary; subtle distinctions make you a bigot, a coward, or both.
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Is there a betting line on the Prop 8 decision? I think the Court is going to rule in favor of the State, but I'm not willing to put down the big bucks on it. Maybe 10 bucks. Or a kabillion internet dollars.
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Ugh. Those stupid equality things are all over my feed.

I changed my profile pic to the Black Flag logo, just to see if I can get a little troll mileage out of it.
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One of my gay friends changed his profile pic to the symbol for Pi, and said "It's math appreciation day!" I lol'd.
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That's pure win right there.
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Some hipster feminist chick I knew from college just posted this

I'm really tempted to post in the comments "I'd hit it."
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^^ Fucking stupid. Sounds like she had a bad mum, too.
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Ain't watching that shit, what's she say?
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Don't get me wrong; I understand all the elements of Western feminism--like objectivisation, etc.--but if those women like shopping and dressing that way, fucking let them. It doesn't mean women are getting any dumber--just those women. You know, I think the (stereo)typical frat boy, who fancies Britney Spears, orgasms over a gym session, and thinks the highlight of culture is American football, is dumb, but I don't really give a shit, and I don't think too much about it. In the video, she starts out saying it's all her Mother's fault--her Mother thinking beauty is most important--then says it's society. Yes, men sexualise women (and visa versa). Why? Because we want to fuck them. Does that mean we want them all to be dumb, or think they are only good for one thing? Only stupid fucks think that, but we all get a bad wrap for it from some. Add all that with the terrible 'angry poetry jam' thing, and it's way OTT, IMO. The most annoying thing about some elements of feminism are: 'Don't hold the door open for me, you pig.' 'I was just being polite, you ass,' etc.
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Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 View Post

I understand all the elements of Western feminism

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Well, I'm sure one misses a few (I'm a man, so how would I know?).

There's a big difference between Islamic women being stoned to death and circumcised, etc., to there are too many sexualised women in adverts.
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