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Anyway, like I was sayin', scrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There's uh, scrimp-kabobs, scrimp creole, scrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple scrimp, lemon scrimp, coconut scrimp, pepper scrimp, scrimp soup, scrimp stew, scrimp salad, scrimp and potatoes, scrimp burger, scrimp sandwich. That- that's about it.
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I work from home so no commute, gas, added car maintenance, etc. I cook/prepare almost all meals at home, which usually consists of just a sandwich for lunch and basic chicken, veggie, or pasta dish for dinner.

My monthly cost of living is low. Besides car expenses (which is one of my vices: Cars, Clothes, and Technology/Electronics, and Traveling), I split a few utilities, but they are cheap since I live in a brand new efficient apt, and I have my internet, cell phone, and land line expensed. No rent or mortgage, since I live with my girlfriend and she owns the place already. I carry a minimum of insurance since I'm young, healthy and have no one to support.

I travel for work about 30% of the year, and I can expense all meals, incidentals, mileage, hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. So that is when I live it up

I watch a lot of movies at home, for free, and I buy used books and sell them back.

I think I'm pretty frugal, but I know people much more insane about it all than me. I just try to balance it out because the things I do enjoy and spend money on are not cheap.
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Originally Posted by johnapril
Charles Shaw

This is a good one that I forgot to mention, Three Buck Chuck.
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Breakfast for kids is overrated.
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Originally Posted by iammatt
toilet paper

Even more savings if one uses both sides! And saving trees to boot
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I get free bottled water and OK coffee at work, otherwise it would be tap and coffee from my one-cup machine at home.

Low-grade gasoline.

I try very hard to make dinner, then bring leftovers into work for lunch.

When at the grocery store, there's usually one brand of any given item on sale (not that this is news). I always buy that brand. When I was in college, I used to buy going-out-of-date meat that had the "manager's special!" $2 off, but I don't do that anymore. Also, sorry DiGiorno, it's ridiculous to pay $8+ for a frozen pizza.

I buy frozen fish at Trader Joe's rather than fresh fish.

RJ Man,you reuse post-it flags? I used to work somewhere that made us do that, and reuse paper that had been printed on one side (BWE, are you saying you do that, too?). I don't think that's good for the printer, but I have no proof.

EDIT: My grandparents always reused tea bags.
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I reuse typewriter ribbons.
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Originally Posted by mack11211
I shave my own head,

I shave my own head also, wonder how many here do that. Given that I need to do it 3-4 times a week, the Gillete Mach 3, Aqua di Parma shaving toiletries bill adds up though.

The other scrimping that I am doing is getting away from expensive socks (Pantherella and the like). Gap has some cashmere blend socks (maybe 5% cashmere) in solid colors (I think about $6 a pair) which are holding up very nicely. My feet can't tell the difference between them and the $75 Bergdorf one's and their is nothing worse than having an expensive pair of socks mistakenly get added to the washer/dryer. I'm never again spending over $10 for a pair of socks.
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Originally Posted by briancl
This is a good one that I forgot to mention, Three Buck Chuck.

Two if you live in CA
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NYC tap blows any of the designer bottled waters out of the water literally and figuratively.

I use 30 days unlimited MetroCard.

I walk a few extra blocks to use my bank's ATM instead of using others to avoid ATM fees.

I don't pay for parking because I know where all the free street parkings are and I am not going to tell.

I use my disposable contacts for one extra week. The manufacturers want you to throw them away earlier than necessary so you need to refill more often.

I cut off my land line 8 years ago.
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Almost forgot... leech internet off the neighbors. In college we'd also take a cable TV connection and connect it to a server then share that wirelessly too.
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Originally Posted by edmorel
I shave my own head also, wonder how many here do that.

As do I:

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Originally Posted by ATM

Actually I placed my first internet order from CondomUSA, the cheapest retailer listed in that little review. If you order more than $28, priority shipping is free. About 1/3 the price from retail.
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Originally Posted by Vintage Gent
As do I:

That, good sir, is as dandy as it gets
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